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Found 2 results

  1. Everett has had consistently soft poop the entire time he's been with us, about six weeks. His foster mom told me they had the same problem with him, so we've been figuring it's his food. We just wanted to give him some time to settle in before we go changing foods on him. Anyway, about four or five days ago he started having totally liquid diarrhea about every 5 hours. He would wake us up in the middle of the night to potty, which he normally doesn't do. Luckily he's been pretty good at giving us enough of a warning that we have time to get him outside. We've been feeding him a bland diet of mushy white rice and cooked ground beef with the fat drained off to see if we could wait it out and reset his system. He's not off his food at all. In fact, he scarfs down everything we give him and would probably eat his regular kibble if we let him. He's been drinking slightly less but not enough to cause enormous concern. I wet down his meals until they're almost soupy, so he's definitely still getting water. Unfortunately even with the bland diet the diarrhea got progressively more urgent and frequent (about every 2 hours starting last night). No discoloration or blood, though, thank heavens. So this morning I carted him off to the vet with a stool sample. Hooray for our regular vet being open on Saturday mornings! She talked to us about his symptoms and then put the sample under the microscope while we waited. They're still sending it to the lab for the full testing, but she could already tell that he has an overgrowth of some kind of bacteria or parasite. I know it wasn't worms or giardia, but for the life of me I can't remember what she called it! We came home with a 10-day supply of Flagyl and a month's worth of FortiFlora. I already gave Everett the first dose of Flagyl in a little dollup of cottage cheese, and he ate it right up. He's been such a good boy through this whole thing - several days of diarrhea with only one accident in the house (our fault for not being fast enough) and no problems taking his meds. I really hope he starts feeling better soon. I can tell he's not quite himself, not really as perky. Right now he's napping very comfortably on our bed I have a few questions... 1) Since my memory seems to be defective, any ideas what the name of the infection would be? Something that the vet can see without a full lab workup that would be treated with Flagyl. I remember it was one of the first things she mentioned as a possibility, so I'm guessing it's pretty common. I've tried looking it up but nothing sounds familiar/right. 2) In your experience, is it likely that he'll need another round of Flagyl, or should 10 days do the trick? 3) I've been giving him a cup of rice with a half cup of beef three times a day. He normally has two meals, but I thought maybe more frequent, smaller portions would help. He acts so hungry still, but I don't know if giving him more will upset his system. He was previously eating 2 cups of Diamond Naturals kibble twice a day. His racing weight ranged from 65 to 70 lbs, but he came to us pretty skinny (we're guessing because of the stress of the transition from the track). We just had him back up to 70, then today he weighed in at 67. Any thoughts about portion size? I'm probably more worried about this than I should be. I know greys can have sensitive digestive systems, but as a new owner it's pretty concerning. I just want my happy, healthy houndie back.
  2. Hi all. Sorry about yet another hookworm post, but I'm wondering whether the symptoms of hookworm typically get worse before getting better. For those of you who have experience treating dogs with hookworm infestations, what was your experience once treatment began? I know some of you have said it took MONTHS to get rid of them and your dogs had bloody diarrhea and vomiting, but did it start out that way and gradually get better or did it seem to get worse before getting better? I spoke with the vet yesterday to give her an update and told her that Brady's diarrhea is worse than ever (marbled rust/orange colored and very wet/slimy/gelly like) and he wasn't feeling well when he got up yesterday (ran outside and started eating grass while wimpering with gurgling sounds coming from his belly). She said she wants to see him Monday and that she will check his stool and do standard bloodwork on him to see if it could possibly be something other than symptoms of hookworm. I really hope his bloodwork comes back normal. For those who haven't read my previous posts, we've been treating Brady for hookworms since May 13 (adopted him on May 10) with Panacur every three weeks, but lately we've been giving it to him every two weeks. He's on a bland diet, on Flagyl, and FortiFlora. With the exception of the FortiFlora, we have seen improvement in the past with both the bland diet and Flagyl, but it doesn't last. I'm definitely going to discuss trying another dewormer with the vet. Other than Drontal Plus, what other dewormers work well treating hookworms? Thanks in advance for any insight/help you can provide. This is so very frustrating and I feel so bad for Brady!
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