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  1. I did not read through the entire thread, but just wanted to add some encouragement from someone who was there before Our Kinsgley was our shy boy-- not quite as bad as your girl.. he would go out but then was too scared to move. But it really was VERY slow and steady improvements over a year... so it took looking back over a long period of time to see that indeed there were changes. Even getting a second hound did not drastically change him, but he certainly changed incrementally over the years. So MUCH patience and time and much joy at those small steps.
  2. We read a book that had suggested training yourself to not call the dog, "good boy/girl" any more and refer to them as "dog".. well, that proved impossible as the dogs were our kids years before a human-kid appeared. We made the conscious effort to not shove the dogs away while I was nursing or doing other things with the baby, so that they would not have to fight for attention. And we were really good at each getting one-on-one time with at least one of us each day... and they certainty still had walks. We never let our child play on the floor in the room where the dogs were-- so there never had to be any fear of space-aggression... and as greyluck said, we did much more training of our daughter as she grew up so that she knew to never touch them when they were on a bed (tough for us to stop doing after years of snuggling) nor touching their bowls etc. We've never had an issue-- just one bark when she hugged one too hard around the head-- good lesson for all.
  3. I really feel for you knowing you *have* to leave to work. Have any friends who would like to come baby-sit? We have scheduled our adoptions around a 4-day window when we can all be home, and really focus on introducing our hound to its new home. Alone-training is key, and also may not be a quick fix... which makes it evne harder if you are alone, with no flexibility with work and time-away from home. I hope that some focused along-training might do wonders, but am nervous for you and your freaked out hound... so sorry for this initial stress-- our first hound destroyed everything and anything left in his crate with him, but we found he was fine being out of the crate. Our second loved the crate, which made it easy, and our third took about 6 months to calm himself down so as to not pace and whine and destroy things while we were gone.... we still block him into just one section of the house, but he is a different dog than when he first arrived and we wondered how we would be able to leave him. It should get better-- but takes time, which can be very stressful in the short-term.
  4. Oh that sweet face Many prayers for you and your pack in the loss and grief over Sammie
  5. wow-- what an amazing 28 days I am so touched by this story of Bosco's time with you many prayers and blessings to you and your family
  6. We dump the water and carrots all in. We do not drain. We are BIG fans of these carrots... seems to be the one thing that keep Chase's poops firm.
  7. I'll just add that 1.5 months with you is *nothing* (I know how exhausting and overwhelming it can feel when things have not gone smoothly 2 days in a row) but if your family has it is them... you need 6 months to a year. "I know it is early days, but we have young children and a schedule that is not fixed. We love Stella, but she will need to be a dog that is adaptable to change and feel confident among other dogs and people. " I will admit, when I first read this I thought, "a greyhound may not suit your family." We have had 3, over the past 12 years, and they have all been very different personalities, but all of them thrived on a schedule and predictability. ​Patience to you, and hope you continue to see progress!
  8. Many prayers for the loss of your amazing girl
  9. Oh so so sad-- too -too young. So sad for her family that is left behind to grieve.
  10. Definitely search "alone training" on these boards and do that. Despite your dog being fine somewhere else he needs to learn that he is also safe in your house, and I bet he learns quickly after a few days or along-weekend of intentionally leaving and returning. We do mini-alone training with our dogs the first few times we take them on trips to grand-mom's house, so that they know we will also come-and-go from this space.
  11. I'll agree with needing some texture to wooden stairs. Our fist hound could not handle our stairs until we put carpet treads on them, and they have stayed there now thru 3 dogs. And each of our dogs have taken about a month to conquer both up and down... so you are doing just fine... but I know it is annoying and even scary attempting to help a 70lb dog.
  12. It also sounds like she has been in a crate in another room--- she really wants to be with her new pack.... so she might even like her crate, but it needs to be in the room with you. (but sounds like she will be a hound who doe snot need one at all)
  13. Oh, many prayers for this loss of this special girl from your pack
  14. So sorry for this grief and loss of wonderful Passion
  15. I did not read through all the posts, but just thought I'd let you know you are not alone. Our first grey we loved and bonded with immediately. When we brought in our 2nd, I remember a month into it, confessing to my husband that I just didn't love her. Our first guy "needed" us, and we all knew it, while our new girl kinda couldn't have cared less.... we certainly grew to love her as she became part if the pack, and after Kingsley died and Ruby was our only dog, we got to know her more. So-- you are not alone. And now our third grey, Chase, is a love-bug and the most expressive hound we have had, so he kinds "makes" you love him because he is so much more one to seek affection!
  16. I have not read through all the posts, but our first boy could not master our stairs until I put down carpet squares for him, and would not expect a dog to handle the hardwood stairs without them now. So, I hope you can get her some traction on those stairs, and hopefully she'll become way-more confident in mastering those stairs! (always one of the biggest hurdles to bringing these big dogs home!)
  17. SPDoggie

    Saying Goodbye

    So very sorry for this loss and grief
  18. SPDoggie


    Oh my-- I too remember your dogs... from GAS, right? I am so sorry for this loss and grief.
  19. I'll just say that our dogs had reaction to the topicals (itching, diarrhea, to shaking) and the Serresto collar has not caused any of that, while keeping fleas away these past 3 summers.... we'll see what happens with this-years tick situation.
  20. I was thinking just this-- she might make an easier transition had you been alone, then all the added disruption with the roommates.... I'm so sorry for all this tress... it is hard enough to transition a new dog to your home when you have help, while it seems you do not have enough.
  21. our Kingsley also got into times when he did not want to leave the property-- but once was off (across the street) he wad fine... so we would pick him up and plop him across the street, or dive 1-block down the street and walk from there! Anything to get him out and give him some confidence that it would be ok. I think your hubby hoisting him by the harness and "helping" him is fine. But do be sure it is with a happy, "here we go" voice and not a frustrated mean voice. you're doing great!
  22. I'll also say that crate training while you are at home is not setting you up for success. Even our girl who Loved her crate would whine and carry on if we were in the house (or even just outside). But also do not hesitate to take his cues that he would rather not be in the crate.... it took us too long to figure that out with our first hound, so with hound #3, the crate was away within a week! And some more time! Patience and Time! Good luck
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