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  1. A subcue is an injection of fluids under the skin to rehydrate (subcutaneous fluids).
  2. Thanks for your thoughts. Our vet showed up and looked at her and thinks that her not walking is caused by the subcue. They ran bloodwork, and it didn't show anything. She has a lot of muscle pain in the area where they did the subcue. They did give her some pain medication and will give her a prescription of pain meds for the next few days. They will keep her this afternoon and send her home tonight. She should be OK in a few days. Phew! She will not have a subcue ever again. Effie had one once, and did not react like this. I have given subcues to many animals, from my rat who needed daily subcues for months to sick guinea pigs (I do guinea pig rescue). I've never had a one react like Carmen!
  3. Carmen got diarrhea on Sunday night. She goes through this from time to time, so we didn't think much of it and took away her food and cooked up some chicken in prep for a bland diet. Monday night she was throwing up a lot, so we made a vet appointment for Tuesday. We went yesterday, and she got a subcue for dehydration, and subscriptions for carafate, flagyl and pecid. She was feeling better after the vet appointment and ate a good bowl of chicken & rice. This morning, she was very lethargic. We went to the park, and she walked around a little, peed and had a little more diarrhea and then stopped walking completely. I had to carry her to the car, and carry her into the house. She will stand fine, but won't actually walk. She lay down in the house while we called the vet. Steve hugged her around her shoulders and she screamed. The area where she had her subcue is still puffy, and the muscles around it are spasming. She's at the hospital now, and will be x-rayed to make sure she doesn't have a blockage, but I really think the problem is the subcue site. Is this possible if they didn't do the subcue correctly? They can't tell how her muscles are spasming, because she shakes like crazy when she's nervous, so her whole body is shaking. We tried to tell them, but I feel like we got brushed off by the tech.
  4. Thank you, thank you! That's really good to know. How long should she be restricted from running?
  5. Effie was running at the park on Friday, chasing Carmen. She fell behind (which is unlike Effie - she's competitive!) and stopped, and came back to where we were standing. She had no noticeable limp, but did not run for the rest of our time there by her choice. At night when we got home from work, she was very slow and mopey. She had a large slight red mark on the inside of her thigh, but no visible pain when I palpated it. She did put weight on it, but I could tell that she was limping slightly, and she was walking slow. She woke up as happy as a clam on Saturday morning, and she's been acting fine since then, not favoring the leg, so this morning, I let her run again. She did not run much. However, when we got home, I could tell that she was hurting and when she laid down on the floor, I could see that her thigh and butt were very red, almost bruised and the area was larger and darker red than on Friday. I will try for a picture later. She's a white dog, so the red mark was very prominent. However, there was no swelling in the area at all. I palpated her down her spine and legs and nothing specific seems to be bothering her. Her appetite is OK, she ate most of her breakfast and a couple of saltines that she begged off of me. Could a pulled muscle cause bruising like this, or can you think of something that would?
  6. I love to pick at Effie's spot too - I thought I was the only one! Effie HATES me to pick at it, though, and she's to the point now where if I touch it, even in play, she violently flips over and stands up so that I can't pick at her. I am not very religious on the using of the compresses & pimple stuff, so while it hasn't gotten worse, it hasn't gotten better either. It doesn't bug her though - unless I'm picking at it!
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