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  1. Robin


    I'm sure Loca will be showing Iker the ropes across the Bridge Robin and introduce him around! So sorry for you.
  2. I would like to thank all of you who have posted their sympathies. Shadow's ashes were returned to me this morning and I will be burying his ashes in our backyard. Thank you all again, your comments have been a consolation. Robin
  3. It is true my friends - they let you know when it is time. Shadow had "an event" this morning after his morning excursion. He was reluctant to go for a car ride this morning in the first place and fussed and panted all the time we were out but when we got home again he was confused and his eyes didn't seem right. He did not want his cookie, which he ALWAYS demanded when we get back from his morning walk. It is a tradition started by his foster parents some nine years ago and we never changed, unless we wanted to see his "foot stomping" demand for his rightful treat. It took him close to half an hour to calm down and all this time I could see his eyes telling me it is time to go. Shadow was quite the pup. For those who care about the racing side of his life, he was rated AA and won his last race. He was retired afterward due to injury he had a gash on his right hind leg and also a broken toe on the same foot. I have no idea if it was related to that race but it worked out well for Shadow because he got to retire in southern Ontario. He lived here for nine years to the day and had a great retirement: walks in Riverside park or around the neighbourhood; a big back yard for zoomies; rabbits to chase and catch; cats and squirrels to hate; car rides in the country. He was always the gentleman. Well behaved ( except for LWF that yapped and cats ). He had a very high prey drive, which only mattered when he encountered skunks ( three times ), the rest of the time with a harness he was more or less controllable. He could jump up in the air, do a 360, and come down WITHOUT his martingale on! He would have been 13 years old on October 24th. Shadow joins my dear wife Judy. Robin
  4. Maybe your pup might respond to feeding by a man. making a fuss at feeding time perhaps. Why not give it a try
  5. I would try a harness as opposed to just a collar. High prey drive seemingly depends on the "day". Shadow could do a "180" in the air - come down without his collar - and get the LWF if he wanted. We got him a harness PDQ. Good luck and enjoy your pup!
  6. Jeff - this web server seems snappier! Robin and Shadow
  7. Shadow is very stiff and he has had trouble getting up from all of his beds. this spring his visit to the vet he has lost 6 pounds, mostly muscles in his rear legs. He is also about to have his thirteenth birthday and that happens. The vet gave him metacam for a week and he was good for a few weeks. I watch to see if he is in pain by the look in his eyes. How old is Miles? Shadow was injured in his hind leg and has a broken toe that never healed properly. This happened when he was racing at 3 years old. He runs every so often not as fast as 10 years ago mind you and he is still happy. Robin and Shadow
  8. Josie - Sorry to hear about Otis and the skunk! I have had to wash Shadow FOUR different times. He has black fur that turns red after the washing! Greyhounds do not have the best of memories, especially the ones with a high prey drive. I have tried to make the fencing around the yard "skunk proof" by sealing up entry holes. That has worked best. We have a chain link fence however! I have that formula printed out and wrapped around the hydrogen peroxide bottle waiting for the next time. Shadow is about to have his thirteenth birthday, which means he is slowing down. I know he would still chase a skunk! Robin and Shadow
  9. Robin I am so sorry to read about Treasure she has a lot of company at the bridge! Robin and Shadow
  10. And no that first picture does NOT make your nose look big! is there a brother ( D'Targnan ) in your future? Welcome you are very handsome! Robin and Shadow
  11. Tina and Eric, we are so sorry for your loss. Booker has lot of friends to run with. Robin, Judy, and, Shadow
  12. Linda was also involved in our Shadow's adoption. Obviously she helped many other greys as well and made many friends throughout her life! The passing of Linda leaves a void in our hearts as well. God speed Linda - you are already missed. Robin, Judy, and, Shadow
  13. Lisa We are so sorry for your loss. Run free big guy! Robin, Judy, and, Shadow
  14. Robin Judy and I are so very sorry for your loss. He and I walked in Riverside Park July 1st ( many years ago now ), you walked Loca, and Judy walked Shadow if you remember and we all went back to Tina and Eric's place afterwards. He was a true gentleman. Robin, Judy, and, Shadow
  15. Eva and Tim We are so sorry for your loss. You are all in our thoughts. Robin, Judy, and, Shadow
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