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  1. becka

    Day One

    I didn't read any of the posts b/c after I clicked I saw this was 'remberance' but I wanted to say... I LOVE that pic!!! It's so cute and if Opal was anything in life like she is in the pic, I'm sure you will miss her greatly.
  2. wait a minute!! I was on a little after 3, got all excited, tried to reply to a post and it was down again!!! You're not just teasing us again are ya?
  3. I'm not smart enough to figure out how to post pics...but I just lost Sable 10/20 to mega-esophagus (she's my avatar) and I lost Spade (in my siggy) 2/23/03 after just having him 9 months. It still pains me to think about him. At least I know he was there to greet Sable when her time came. Spade was only 7 and Sable was almost 9. Spade just turned 7 on 2/11/03 and Sable would have been 9 Nov 14. I had another dream with him in it last night. Weird I dreamt about him and Jack, but not my current Spade. strange.
  4. They do have a way of stealing your heart don't they? Spade stole mine when I just went to look too! Run free Bomber!! You're momma will be ready for you when it' time for you to come back....
  5. All our wonderful pups are at the Bridge to greet Lexie... she will be missed...
  6. becka


    Spade was there to greet her and they are both happy and whole and pain free...run free babies...
  7. you guys are making me cry. I think my cat has come back to me in my chow Sable. Until I got Sable I could 'see' Pretty Baby at times. He died in 88 and Sable was born in 96. I never did see or feel Spade after he died. I knew it was time for him to go as he told me. Up until that day he would still run and play and never complained about anything. The day he passed he cried everytime he moved. I miss my baby.....
  8. becka

    Help With An Urn

    Spades ashes came in a nice wooden box. I really like it. It is simple and blends in well with the ET center he sits on. Just like him. He was a simple dog and blended in with his dog bed. He would always steal my TY Beanie Buddie Elephphant so that sits on top of the box and around the elephants neck is his collar and his necklace that Becky made for him. Next to him is a greyhound brass statue my mom got for me (from him) for my birthday.
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