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  1. She sounds like a wonderful person, my heart goes out to all who knew and loved her.
  2. Judy, it is so nice to see you here again, but I am so very sorry for the reason. Sending tight hugs
  3. I'm on my second Subaru Forester and love it. I will confess I liked the earlier design better, but the new one is bigger, so maybe better if you go that route.
  4. Thank you, very interested as I am exploring this for Vonnie, who will be 12 in January.
  5. One more thing you might bring if you have room is an adjustable baby gate to put in the door to the outside if you book a room with direct outside access. That way, no matter who opens the door or why, there is a barrier to prevent your hound from bolting. You want to place it a bit off the floor to gain height, but not so much that your girl can escape underneath. This gate is insurance only, you don't want to leave the door open and rely on the gate alone to keep her in.
  6. Just a reminder: the auction for the 4 Legs 4 Hounds Program ends Monday, June 29 at 10PM EDT. There are over 140 items in this auction, including a number of non-greyhound items such as baby sets and a gorgeous mixed-media original painting. Also a Carmon Deyo bracelet, two Steve Wirtz sculptures (one at the top of the album, one at the bottom), irresistible hand-crocheted greytdeer snoods, and all manner of other greyhound themed things. In order to see the bidding album you will have to "join" the auction - it's a button on the auction main page, and an admin will usually respo
  7. An auction is starting on Sunday, June 21, to raise funds for the OSU-based 4L4H program. Due to COVID-19 the program is in arrears, so the aim of this auction is to clear the arrears and ideally have money left over to establish a reserve for ongoing and future treatments. Details will be posted in the Auctions subforum closer to the time, but meanwhile, here are some teasers from among the 130 or so items donated to date (sorry the photo is so small):
  8. I am so very sorry your sweet Shine has left you.
  9. I like Trupanion. They are expensive, to be sure, although you can control that somewhat by adjusting your deductible. They have unfailingly done what they say in the contract they will do, and generally process claims quite quickly. My regular clinic can submit a claim and Trupanion reviews it on the spot, pays them their part of the bill, and I pay the difference. No waiting for reimbursement. Any time I've called them for any reason, they've been very pleasant to deal with. As with all insurance, rates depend on many factors, including where you live. I live in a very large metro
  10. Happy Birthday Miss M No virus and no rain can ruin your special day! Pretty good caterer for the party too!
  11. OK, someone needs to dust of Skeletor - she or he (it's a bit hard to tell) can certainly outdo a St Bernard!
  12. Although I never met Trolley, my heart sank when I saw this thread. Sending heartfelt condolences to all who were close to her, and are missing her deeply now.
  13. Raineysmom, Vonnie was on amantadine for over a month before it began to bother her. I still don't know why, but she threw up 3 mornings out of five one week. There was no change in her diet or meds. I took her off it and there has been no vomiting since. On the weekend just past, I decided to try the amantadine again as she needs a boost in pain meds - it had been several weeks since the vomiting episodes. First day was fine, second day she threw up. We are therefore done with amantadine. FWIW I gave it to her immediately after breakfast, wrapped in wet food, kind of like des
  14. Thanks. The issue isn't her tummy but her kidneys. We have a recheck with the IM vet on Thursday and I will ask about Galliprant, and options in general. The weather here is pretty messy right now, so it isn't easy for me to tell whether / how much the boost in Gabapentin is helping.
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