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  1. Run fast and free Huston. Please send your mama a little sign.
  2. Run fast and free pretty girl. And send your mom a sign soon that you made it safely and found Batman, Zena and Joseph.
  3. Bad mom? Pishhhhhhhhh. More like you had a dog who had too much personality to fit in his little body. Besides, his extra personality brought so many smiles to so many of us over the yesrs. Thank you. Most importantly, take care of yourself.
  4. I am so sorry for the loss of your Pawn. I always loved stories about your Chess dogs.
  5. Treasure certainly lived up to her name. A true beauty inside and out..with the cutest to offers anywhere. I am so sorry for your loss. Special hugs to Iker.
  6. Words so inadequate right now. Sending big hugs to you and grammy.
  7. We never had a problem with interceptor. Tried heartguard and had to wash walls later that day from Janney's blowout. Now we are using trifexis without any problems. I put it on their food with a scoop of plain yogurt on top. The only negative to Trifexis is the price but it is still better than washing walls every month.
  8. Cancer is evil. Even dogs with the same type will present differently. Sirocco's os first appeared as a limp. A month later, a huge lump suddenly appeared on his shoulder and a month after that, he was gone. His xrays always looked good. Nikki's os didn't present until she stepped off the deck and her leg shattered. Never a lump, never a limp and never a whine. I was never negligent with their health care. My motto has always been "when in doubt, check it out". But, cancer is evil and evades all our good intentions. If we don't xray we could be missing something but if we do we cou
  9. Janney has been having diarrhea issues since we had to switch to Heart Guard. I found that it helps some if I give it about 6 hours after eating. Needless to say, she now gets it on the first Sunday of the month instead of the first day of the month. I can't wait until Interceptor is available again. When I looked up side effects to Hear Guard on line, it said that diarrhea was a very rare occurence. Obviously not.
  10. Beautiful tribute for a beautiful girl. It is amazing to me how special our challenging / difficult / stubborn / rotten / ornery / heathen dogs become to us. Maybe we love them so much because we invested so much making things click with them? In any case, my Sirocco will be joining Zema's and Edie's conversation on difficult humans. The next rain fall will be their tears of laughter over the silly human stories being shared. Godspeed pretty girl.
  11. It took a lot of love for you to make the decision that was best for your boy even though it was the worst for you.
  12. Didn't Bevd's deerhound, Darcy, develop similar problems as a result of chemo? Darcy lived quite well (and for longer than anyone could have imagined) once she was finally stabilized on medication. Charlie, all of us whose dogs were original members of the 7.5 club are pulling for you.
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