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  1. Diane Jackson in Houston.Is she still on the board? Thanks.
  2. I have been off the board for almost two years. Getting settled in Canada and a life without Mike has been very draining. I drove to Texas 3 weeks ago with Charlie and my JRT Sydney. Am here until April. Charlie, the Grey has been having an awful time. He feasted on ligustrum and suffered from severe diarrhea, as well as anorexia, dehydration and depression. After dosing him with Kaopectate and adding Pedialite to his water, he finally is feeling good as of yesterday and is eating and his usual happy self. Today, coming through the door he got his tail caught and skinned to the bone.My friend is a nurse and soaked it with betadine and then wrapped it with gauze and tape, after putting the skin/hair back over the wound. Is there any chance that this will work\/
  3. I am so sorry to hear this news.
  4. I do know that there is a shortage that is expected to resolve in early 2014. http://www.chronofhorse.com/article/adequan-shortage-prolonged
  5. Pepsi2004


    I am so sorry to hear about Jet. The photos show what a wonderful personality she had AND how very happy she was! You had her for many wonderful years. May memories of her keep her close to you.
  6. Welcome from snow bound Edmonton. Greys are the best and the blacks hold a special place in my heart!!
  7. Charlie is back on his routine from last fall before we moved - he sleeps on his bed in my room and doesn't stir until I get up - sometimes mid-morning or later! My Jack Russell is the same except she sleeps in my bed. My SIL feeds the cats and their boxer at 6:30 am during the week - Charlie and Sydney just ignore him. They have always been that way - thank goodness.
  8. What a gruesome thing to witness - glad that you and your dogs are safe.
  9. Years ago I had a Borzoi with that issue - it was in her neck.
  10. Judy, Sydney Jane Russell joins me is sending our condolences. Tonight, we will say a prayer for her, the pack and you and your family - such a small dog leaves a huge hole!
  11. Have been feeding it to my senior JRT and Charlie for several years - we use the large dog chunks - they do great on it and now that I am living with my daughter, her Boxer is on it too.
  12. Having recently lost my soul mate, I feel so deeply for you!!
  13. Nothing but good thoughts for you Jilly-Bean!! (Syd, your twin in Texas)
  14. LOL!!! I thought about a different cup as well. Then your post made me think of another type of cup ---- we are so bad!
  15. She was probably asleep and you scared her. Always make sure that your Grey is looking at you - I call Charlie's name before I do anything with him if he is sleeping. It happens with all breeds - don't feel that your girl doesn't love you.
  16. I am so sorry for you and Sophie - she is a gorgeous girl!
  17. I voted never, but then had to also vote in the other 2 categories to make my vote count. Out "back yard" consists of about an acre or so that is securly fenced, so Charlie can do as he pleases. He is never out there alone though.
  18. Welcome, fellow Albertan!! Emory is gorgeous - this is a great place to visit, get lots of information and above all, make friends. We moved from the Edmonton area 10.5 years ago and go home several times a year - hope to be there for Mother's Day.
  19. Yes, Charlie does it on a regular basis. I just love it. Another thing he does is run his chin back and forth on his bed - it must feel good.
  20. My heart goes out to you on your loss.
  21. So very sorry to hear your sad news. Mimi, you, your family and Blue are all in my prayers.
  22. I use the solid BestBullySticks.com too. In fact I just fed my two a bully stick each before I came on line - I hear them working at them as I type. These are also no odor - these have been the best I have ever bought. Neither Charlie or the JRT terrorist have tummy troubles from them.
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