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  1. Hello All, A friend of mine just came back from Europe and brought me back some Antibiotic cream to use on my hounds that he says is very good. The name of the cream is Mibazon. I have never heard of it before and have not been able to find much information on it. Have any of you heard of it or used it. I do not want to use it without more information. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Larry
  2. Hello All, I have noticed that there are glucosamine products for horses and they are much cheaper than glucosamine for dogs. Does anyone know if it is harmfull to give dogs the glucosamine for horses. Larry
  3. BJ I'm so sorry for what you have been going through. You give a wonderful tribute to Major. He was a very lucky boy to have you and Black Jack. I send hugs to you and hugs and scritches to Black Jack. Wish I could do more. Liz
  4. Come on Harley - eat up! Your fan club includes many, many Canadians and we're all praying for you Lots of Hugs and Scritches Liz
  5. I love to see these great updates. More prayers coming your way. Hugs & Scritches Liz
  6. Thanks for all the wonderful info. I have not heard from Dr. Couto as yet but am very interested in finding out more about the 5FU treatment. I'm sure I could find a vet who would administer it for me. He's my big goofy, er, I mean, handsome boy. Liz
  7. Thank you. Yes, our vet did a FNA. The tumor grew rather quickly. Liz
  8. I've contacted Dr. Couto for information/advice but haven't heard back. If you wouldn't mind sharing your experiences it would be appreciated. Thank you Liz
  9. Please, let us know when you are coming and maybe it could be arranged for you to get a 'hound fix' while you are here. I don't live in TO but Im only 45 mins. away. Liz, Larry, Dante & Cordal
  10. Jeff & Trudy, Larry and I send our deepest condolences. Ryan was a very lucky boy. With you he had a life of adventures most humans never will have. You gave him your love and devotion. May your memories of your beautiful boy help you through this time. Hugs to the both of you and scritches to the furkids. Liz
  11. Oh Geez Robin. A year already. Loca is still with you and always will be. She certainly was a special girl. The best greeter ever, next to my little Cordal of course. Treasure certainly will never replace Loca but I'm pretty sure Loca had a hand in her picking you for her mom. Greyt big hugs to you, Treasure and Phene! Liz
  12. Lucy - I'm so sorry. I remember meeting you and Riley at Dewey years back at a house party. What a beautiful boy he was. I remember those ears. He was so lucky to have had such a wonderful life full of adventures with you. Beautiful pictures and a wonderful tribute. My heart goes out to you. Liz
  13. I'm so happy for you, Eric, Measure and his new brothers and sister. They all get along so well. Measure fit right in immediately. No hound could find a better, more loving home than yours. It is fortunate that you have such a big yard. Walking with high prey greys isn't an issue for you at all so there is absolutely nothing to worry about as far as other animals goes. I'll be over tonight with some extra scritches and lovin' for Measure (and the rest too of course) CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Liz
  14. I really hope she had people with her this past year who understood and gently helped her move on. Kiss all the babies for us Maria..... Diane, you can rest easy about Maria. Her son Shawn sent me the email Robin posted and I posted it on our local boards for those who knew her . She had given him instructions to keep a few of us updated on her condition. Shawn left his job and moved to be with his mom. Shawns son is heart-broken as he was very close to his grandma. She had many friends who took the time to visit her. There was a wonderful Memorial Service for her attended by many, many people. A wonderful man took care of her hounds for her all the time she was sick and as far as I know he will now be their new 'dad'. I miss Maria deeply, our emails and phone calls and vending with her. She made the most beautiful greyhound coats. She was a truly remarkable lady who worked tirelessly for the greyhounds. Maria was also a greyt support to me when Geniene was ill. I miss you Maria, kiss Earl and Nimby for me please. Liz
  15. Oh no Robin! You tell Treasure to be all better for her vacation at our house. Hugs and Prayers Liz
  16. My thoughts are with you. She's dug a big hole just the other side of the bridge and is resting. You will be missed Darbee-Doo. Liz
  17. I'm sorry Alisha. Iceman will forever be in your hearts. Run Free Iceman Liz
  18. Jan, I'm typing through tears. I'm sorry your precious Bailey got taken by the dreaded disease known to too many of us here. I'm hoping Nimby and Earl were at the bridge to meet her. I'm thankful for the pleasure of knowing Bailey. She was an absolute sweetheart. My prayers to you, Dave and Ben. Hugs, Liz
  19. We had something similar with Dante. His started in his back leg and soon graduated to the other and up his groin and belly. He was so swollen the blood was seeping through his skin on his leg. He was bruised too. He seemed to be in no distress or pain. Our vet was also baffled and referred us to OVC. After a couple of days there and many tests, they too couldn't find an actual cause. They think it was possibly a) some kind of spider bite or burst blood vessels. He was not on any medications at all so it wasn't meds that caused this. He was tested for VW and many, many other disorders. They ran more tests and sent him home with some meds. Two days after he was home it was almost completely gone. When the vet called us 4 days later with the test results it was gone - she was mystified. So it is still a mystery. But it hasn't affected him in any way - he's still a Dufus!! LOL Liz
  20. I'm so sorry Suzanne. Her memories and her heart will always be with you. Run Free Beautiful Girl. Hugs Liz
  21. Patricia, I hadn't been on today and didn't know about your sweet Cowboy until Tina told me tonight. I am so sad for you and Mike. I know you are both devestated. Please, call when you can and we will get together. I'm here for you and Mike as always. Hugs to you both. Give Dallas a scritch and hug and Emily too. Run Free Sweet Cowboy. We will miss you. Liz, Larry, Chris and Madison Cordal and Dante
  22. Patricia - I'm so sorry. My sincerest condonlences to you and Fred and Renee and your furkids. Run Free Flash. Hugs LIz
  23. turbodogs

    Fly Baby Dodge

    Diane, I'm just seeing this now! I'm soooo sorry. Dodge fought so hard and you were fighting right along beside him. He was a very lucky boy to have you as his mom. Run Free Sweet Dodge. Hugs to you Diane. Liz
  24. It's raised feeders here too! Liz
  25. Run Free poor baby girl. I'm crying for you. You are free of pain now. I'll think of you often. Liz
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