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  1. I think the problem stems from their gulping of the food. If you slow their eating down they will tend not to gulp so much air. What has worked for us is wetting the food, and placing a ramekin upside down in the bowl. They have to push the ramekin around in their bowl to get at the food, so, they nibble, instead of gulp. I suppose you could just use a rock too, but, the idea is to just get them to eat more slowly.
  2. This is all I have to say: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6zaVYWLTkU
  3. No, I'm absolutely serious. I even went out and bought a new van today so she'd have a comfortable ride. This is the first time I've been back to this thread, as I've had a busy couple of days. Is she gone?? ETA: Oops. just found your thread. Congratulations to all of you!!!
  4. You get her that far, I'll pick her up. We've got four oldies here now: she'd be the youngster?
  5. Uh, can we do a GUR?? As you might be able to tell, I have a thing for fawns, brindles, blacks, and one eyed hounds. ;-)
  6. You two certainly must have done something right: Jet lived a life longer than any of the many hounds we have had. But, no matter how long they live, it's never long enough. We're so very sorry to hear about your loss of Jet.
  7. I almost forgot: this is what Fuzzy's nails looked like when she got here: And, a half hour later: Her feet were so painful she was used to eating like this. She didn't know that she could eat standing up without pain: Fuzzy really hit the jackpot when she found you guys!!!
  8. Kelli and Mark, you have done wonders for Fuzzy. She's always been a character, and a happy go lucky girl. Here she is on the first day with us with Mr. Britt. And once she got to your house, she was showing her fun side again. And, of course, her double chin: which, has somehow disappeared under your care. Happy Birthday Fuzzy Girl!!!!!
  9. Great pic and wonderful idea Donna. It's going viral: you're awesome!!
  10. You mean this one? It was done by Donna Deskin. Great pic! Greyt idea!!
  11. This fuzzy guy is Santos. We didn't set out to adopt a galgo, he came our way when another family adopted him, after he'd spent two years Scooby, and another year at Greyhound Friends in Massachusetts. A week after they adopted him, they lost him while walking him on a flexi lead. After 5 days of searching in the snow, we finally found him with the pads run right off of his feet. After he healed he came to live with us, and has been here ever since. Santos has always been quirky. It took a long time for him to accept strangers in our house. I thought he had overcome his fears until today, when a long time friend came over, with a scarf draped around her neck. Santos didn't like that scarf at all, and barked until she took it off. He still didn't trust her, and it took awhile for him to settle down. We think he's about 13 now. He's still the most energetic of our hounds: he lives to go for walks. He's still quirky guy, but, we're crazy about him. Thanks for the pics, Brianna B. and George G.
  12. Asking to be flamed is just plain looking for trouble. But, I do have to argue with your perception. In the 20 some odd years I've had greyhounds, we've been "attacked" by, Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Mini Pins, Yorkies, a Ridgeback, and several other breeds. I was once walking my, at that time, elderly hound Barney in New Haven, CT, when we were attacked by a German Shepherd and two other dogs who came running out of an open door. A week later after Barney had spent a couple of days and $2000 recovering from his wounds, I was walking in the same area with him. From across the street came a very large Pit Bull, running full speed at us. I was ready for him, and when he got to us, kicked him as hard as I could. He let out a yelp, put his tail between his legs, put his head down and started to wag his tail, submissively. All the poor guy wanted was to be friendly. I just felt terrible at what I had just done to that wonderful dog. Any dog, with improper supervision, and training can be a menace. Pits get a bad rap because so many of them are raised in bad situations by bad people. But, blaming the breed is no different than blaming greyhounds when they, through poor supervision and training, kill a cat, or small dog, which happens far too often.
  13. If you wait until tomorrow it may be too late to do the stitching. Whatever your feeling about the e-vet, it might be best to bring him. Just don't allow them to do any anesthesia on him: locals only.
  14. We've had hounds for many years, and squirrels have always been around our house. We feed the birds in the front of our house, outside of the fenced area the dogs hang out. Even so, from time to time, a squirrel will be caught. You're going to have to understand that if you're feeding a squirrel, getting him used to you as a food source, and then bring in a predator, it's likely that your setting up that squirrel for a tragic ending.
  15. You may have missed this thread, but, it's been on the Greyhound Amber Alert since 2006, and, has a lot of good information about how hounds get lost, and how people have recovered them. The bottom line is that it's almost always our fault, but, the important thing is that we don't give up one them when they get lost. http://forum.greytalk.com/index.php/topic/121293-how-do-greyhounds-get-lost/
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