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  1. Seating is limited so get your reservations in soon.
  2. We've been using them for a couple of years. BTW. We are their February Featured Charity
  3. More than likely, it is an upset tummy. Our vet recommends Generic Pepcid(Famotadine 10mg) 1 tablet twice daily for 1 week. Older greys often get acid belly especially when their stomach is empty and she recommends 1 tablet given daily as a prerventative.
  4. The Greyhound Alliance/Sunburst Project has brought a little over 1,000 dogs to Midwest and East Coast adoption groups from the Florida Panhandle Tracks since we started a year ago August. 24 more will be coming to the Midwest first week of December Rich
  5. 5 JCKC dogs will be among the dogs coming on a Greyhound Alliance/Sunburst Project haul this weekend to groups in the Midwest. Rich
  6. I don't often get the chance to visit Greytalk but when a friend told me about this post I had to jump in. Pam you have no need to apologize--none. Almost no one understand where GPAEC ends and Sunburst begins. When we spoke I said "we" can help. In my case we is both Sunburst and GPAEC. Sunburst through cooporation with Ebro Greyhound Park provides a clean comfortable pet kennel including most supplies, the employees,etc. GPAEC's part in Sunburst is the front lines sort of work all FL adoption groups are familiar with. But what this Project is really all about is my dream, Linda's dream, your dream and I'm sure the dream of most Greytalkers--we want a way to work together to help the most possible greyhounds find couches of their very own. It makes me happy to be able to say "we can help" when there are dogs in need. I'm able to say this through the generosity of a whole lot of people in a whole lot of places. I look forward to our working with you to make a difference for all our Panhandle greys. Ann Bollens Executive Director, GPA/Emerald Coast Co-Director, Sunburst Project Thanks Ann for your reply - just clarifying - Ebro track provides the kennel and heat/air conditioning only - all other expenses, i.e., salaries, dog truck, gas, phones, meat, wormer, flea/tick products, cleaning supplies etc. are 100% paid by The Greyhound Alliance, which relies on donations, grants, and fundraisers to support its The Sunburst Kennel.
  7. We are so sorry to hear this Pam. Thank you so much for getting us our Remy (JD Rip Tide) 4 years ago. My group, Greyhound Alliance/Sunburst Project,is sending a check to your vet to help with your outstanding bill. Rich Greyhound Alliance
  8. We lost our best boy Tsar on Thanksgiving night to kidney failure. Rich & Jerrie
  9. We have a senior with horrible teeth also. We won't do a dental as we lost a 3 year having a dental. Our new vet gives occasioanl antibiotics when needed Rich
  10. Talked to Kim a little while ago and she is doing fine this morning. Rich
  11. Dr. Couto covered this at our seminar Saturday. Best treatment is 1/2 baby aspirin. Rich
  12. If it was raw chicken i wouldn't worry about it rich
  13. We had a dog come in from Florida a couple of months ago with a count of 10,000. It was done in house and they sent another sample out to a lab which came back within normal range. rich
  14. Hope you get good news when the doctor sees her this morning. Rich
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