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  1. OK, *now* I understand why you called him a giraffe on crack! The fly-by stories are amazing--talk about "you can run but you can't hide!" I can just *hear* the kennel guy chortling to himself as he went back inside to get Fudgie . . . . and how great for you all that he did! Could we have some more pictures??
  2. Patsy

    I Miss...

    For some reason I'd always thought he was a boxer! It takes talent to wear bunny ears with that much panche!
  3. She sounds marvelous! Could you post a picture(s) of her so we can admire her?
  4. Patsy

    I Miss...

    Could we have a picture of Harley? I'd love to have a face to put with those words!
  5. Patsy


    I suspect he knows very well how much you loved him.
  6. Could you share a picture of sweet Pepsi with us?
  7. Enjoy your oats at The Bridge, Fox. You were a beauty!
  8. Run like the wind, Matt.
  9. Godspeed, Lexie! You were a Long Beach Island kitty . . . . that means you were beyond special. Please say hi to Ashes and Tigger for me.
  10. Happy birthday, Girlfriend! I'm leaving my entire recycling paper bag outside the backdoor just in case you *might* run out of reading soon!
  11. What a sweetie! That collar was gorgeous on her! Anyone else think the expression on her face could be expressed as: "mommmmmmmmmmmm [envision whiny teenie bopper voice here} the elastic on my hat is meant to go *behind* my ears, not over them . . . . moommmmmmmmmmmmm"
  12. . . . . and an immense number of people who can't look at a popsicle anymore without thinking "Jessie and her ice lolly". Happy birthday, beautiful girl.
  13. Patsy


    Words fail me, but a huge hug for you and yours. I suspect you may be right thinking the girls needed to be together--however, that doesn't do much for your aching hearts right now.
  14. I've been thinking of her all week and I have *no* idea why.
  15. Buttons was greated at the Bridge by Pete, and Ashes, and Squeeker, and Thea, and Rum, and Butter . . . and . . . . and . . . . generations of our kitties. Catnip all around!
  16. Patsy

    Remembering Chip

    What a handsome sweetie! Sounds like he taught his humans well.
  17. Patsy


    Run with the wind, Slick.
  18. Patsy

    So Long, Lily....

    My condolences. Could you share a picture(s) of Lily with us?
  19. Patsy


    Would you share a picture of your sweet Pilot with us?
  20. Jeff, I have pen poised over check, but need a snail mail addy and info on how to make out the check, please. PayPal doesn't work for me right now (don't ask--long story) but I want to help support my addiction.
  21. Wells, I have heard on the best authority that there are Big Bunnies at the Bridge! Shake that critter and have a wonderful time running free and healthy while you wait for your family.
  22. Patsy

    Old Fella

    I hope your long-lost Rita was waiting at the Bridge for you.
  23. What a gorgeous pup! Could someone direct me to Emily's story (search function didn't produce anything; I did try)?
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