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  1. I believe that's a weight bearing toe, however from what everyone's saying, it sounds like no biggie. My Romi had his inner-most toe off on his back leg a few months ago, and it was just a big relief, as he had a lot of pain from it. Turned out is was squamous cell carcinoma, but unlikely to metastasize. It originally presented as if it was a corn, so I didn't pay much attention, then I thought it was a nail bed infection, then osteomyelitis, and by then I told them to take the damn thing off lol. Romi gets corns too, but they've not gotten worse since the amputation. Don't think twice about it if it's causing your dog pain, she'll be fine without the toe. Just make sure they take the whole toe to the very top, not just the first joint or 2, otherwise they can have problems. I too would like to hear how they can take off a toe but leave a toe pad?
  2. 45 pounds is 20.4 kg, not 24.5kg., so I would go with 40 drops. and no, I don't think 45 drops would be an overdose at all. Hope your pupper settles for the night.
  3. I get 2.25 mg maintenance dose, or for 20.5 kilos that would be about 40 drops. Might be easier if you had a neighbor who has a syringe from their metacam.
  4. Judy, I'm so very sorry. Renie was such a lovely girlie. What a horrible shock. Run pain free at the bridge, sweetie, with all of our bridge angels.
  5. A few months ago I noticed Romi's toe was swollen and discolored. Then the nail looked like it was loose, and then it started to have a discharge. Vet thought maybe a nail bed infection had moved in, however it turned out to be squamous cell carcinoma. We ended up having his toe off at my suggestion. The vet did not bring this up and would have kept treating for either a soft tissue injury or a nail bed infection if I'd let him. Definitely keep an eye on it.
  6. Sending healing thoughts to Mango, and her wonderful Mum.
  7. Continued prayers for Ranger. I think he's better off doped up than in pain, too. For the cuts from the ice, maybe you could wrap his legs in vet wrap, kind of like leg warmers, to protect them a bit? Just a thought.
  8. kjw

    Chinghis Is Home

    Rest in peace, beautiful boy.
  9. Sending more healing thoughts to Ranger. *Hugs*
  10. I'm so glad Ranger is home with you, his family. He sounds like he's doing just greyt!
  11. kjw

    Grandpa A/k/a Champ

    I'm so sorry you've lost Grandpa. What a wonderful boy he was. Run free at the bridge, sweet boy.
  12. My Romi had his inside toe on his rear foot taken off, the whole thing. It was the only foot without corns, but he's having no trouble at all - my own research said to take the whole toe. I'm thinking that because Mork has more weight distributed across less toes on that foot, the corn causes him more pain on that foot, and also the additional weight is causing the corn to grow more quickly.
  13. Thanks for all your hard work, Jeff.
  14. I do the same anytime I can - the air allows more healing than wrapping it. They get used to the muzzle, and in a few days it will heal up enough to take the muzzle off.
  15. You might have a better result if you took the whole toe rather than just the last joint - I just went through this with Romi, and that's the advice I got for him here. His was the inner- most toe, so not a weight bearing toe, and after doing pathology on it, they found it was squamous cell cancer, so I'm really glad we took the whole thing off. Low rate of mets, so we should be just fine. They really do well afterwards.
  16. That's quite a shock, I'm very sorry to hear the news. Hannah has a good Mom who loves her, I believe that's the most important thing for getting through a diagnosis like this. Sending many prayers to you both.
  17. I think you should consider doing a tick panel with that lab in the states. A lot of his symptoms really fit TBD. Check out this thread.
  18. kjw


    Run free at the bridge sweetheart. What a precious girlie she was. My deepest sympathies to you on her loss.
  19. Sending more prayers for our beloved Hobbes.
  20. I would love to send you some of our liver treats, aka doggie crack, but I don't think it would get past the border, unfortunately. Sending warm gentle hugs to you both, and know that anyone who loves their greyhound as much as you do could never make the wrong decision. It's just a rough patch. :grouphug
  21. Well, we just went through the whole "keep the tongue off the foot" thing with Romi, who had his toe amputated. We sprayed with colloidal silver and left it open for the air to get at, which helps the most with healing. I had to resort to a muzzle with tape on it to keep him from licking it, but it's healed up beautifully with this protocol. If you wrap it up, it won't heal. You could try a cotton sock, it would let at least some air in while protecting it. But we really have found it's best to let the air at it and keep it clean.
  22. I used Batmom's design, it has worked great here, the steps have lasted 2+ years so far. I made the mistake of using a bungy cord for the handle, and it's worn out now, so I should have used rope as she suggested.
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