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  1. I don't know how I missed this, but I'm so very sorry to hear you lost Frank. What an amazing tribute you've written about him, no hound could have been loved more. And in the end, that's all they want. Run free at the bridge, Frank.
  2. kjw

    Rosies Dot

    They're together at the bridge, running pain free. Sending big hugs.
  3. kjw

    Lucky Tony

    Rest in Peace, sweetie. Hugs to you Diane. What a horrible day for you.
  4. kjw


    I'm so sorry you lost your beautiful girlie. I've enjoyed your photos of her and her brother immensely as everyone has. I'm sure Brandee has been greeted by our many bridge angels, and is teaching them all how to bark at the bridge. Run free with no pain, sweetie.
  5. Gigi will be missed. I'm so grateful I got to see her before she left for the bridge. Hope MIngo is coping ok. Hugs to you and Dave and the kids. Run free sweet girlie.
  6. kjw


    My deepest sympathies on the loss of your Sammi, he sounds so wonderful. Run free sweet boy.
  7. I actually had an amazing response with a belly band for one of my campers - I was surprised at how well it worked to calm him down! I had no idea that Thundershirt supports the HSUS - pretty scary!
  8. Nice to see you guys over here - Licorice and his buddy crack me up!
  9. I don't think there's any proof for or against this idea. I understand the concept, and I can see why someone might believe it's true. For example, we often see intestinal parasites multiply like mad in a dog that's under stress, or has immune problems. If by feeding a species appropriate diet you're strengthening the immune system, this would be the reason why fleas aren't attracted or don't stick around like they do in less healthy animals. Not saying whether I agree or not, just saying this is what the logic is.
  10. As I recall, it was a paste with ivermectin and praziquantel that was mentioned in the study, I'll see if I can dig it up for you. We ended up going another route.
  11. We have a similar situation here - one of Millie's many corns is quite painful, even after being hulled. I sometimes wonder if some corn roots grow up further back into the toe, and rub on a nerve or cartilage or something, and that's what causes the continued limping. The therapaw does seem to lessen her limping, but it never seems to go away altogether. Poor little Rickie.
  12. I researched the rabbit tapeworm last year, and apparently ivermectin is effective - easily had at TSC stores.
  13. If licking is going on, we use something similar to Sheila's contraption, but not as nicely finished as hers lol. An old cotton sock, held on with vet wrap above the joint, and with the toes cut off to ensure good ventilation. That's only if the dog's a licker. Otherwise, a spritz of CS and leave it.. Hope her leg heals up nicely!
  14. kjw

    Phene, Aka Phoenix

    Run free Phene, with Loca and all the other bridge angels waiting there for us.
  15. Actually, L Glutamine is the natural way
  16. What a wonderful memorial, for a gorgeous girilie full of love and life. Unforgettable.
  17. kjw


    From the album: Joey

  18. kjw


    Pics of our new boy Joey, who came to us April 9 2011
  19. kjw


    From the album: Joey

  20. Unless they're straining, firm is fine. If they're straining, then a bit of tripe, heart, or other organ fed along with your turkey drum will help next time. For some dogs, eggs help too.
  21. We'll have to keep our eyes open for some Doggles at GIG for Phene. All fingers and paws crossed for a good outcome!
  22. You can definitely use the treats you bought with this last order, likely the lung would be safest if you're feeding a lot of it and he likes it - as I recall he did lol. If he likes the liver better, then use that, but you can effect the stool with liver if you give too much. You want to stick to about 5% of the diet overall with liver - and if it's dehydrated, it's triple what it would be raw (1 oz. raw dehydrated= 3 oz raw. hydrated), so lung would be better if he loves it. Just break it up into tiny pieces, they are just as happy with a tiny piece as they are with a big piece. I remember seeing a video a while back of a little **zhu, her Mom was giving her little bits of treats and she was in paroxysms of joy every time she got one. Then she got an air treat, and she still had a paroxysm of joy
  23. Oh what a beautiful boy! Congratulations, and welcome home Beaker!
  24. kjw

    Tiny (El Tiny)

    What a great dog - I just love the strawberry stealing, reminds me of one of my boys. He will clearly never be forgotten - I'm so sorry he had to go. Run free Tiny, with all our bridge angels.
  25. I'm so sorry your beloved boy had to go. One day you'll be able to smile when you think of him, instead of crying, but that takes some time, as many of us know. Godspeed Howard.
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