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  1. We miss you and Wally and Corinna too! Thanks for the wonderful endorsement, we've worked hard at making the group a safe and happy experience for everyone.
  2. I think that blue one might be meant for my new broodie Tempo, she needs her first collar!
  3. I protected my hounds by starting a fun run group. I don't trust all the loose dogs around here, my first boy was attacked so we started with weekend runs several years ago. One of the diamonds we use is not too far from me, so I often run over during the week and give everyone a good workout over there. The backyard suffices for the rest of the time. I don't miss the walks at all, I was so nervous and tense, and awfully tired of dealing with cut feet and crap everywhere. I realize I'm very fortunate to have the diamond this close! Edited to add: You can get bear repellant at Canadian Tire, but I wouldn't have any faith in it stopping a dog that's attacking.
  4. kjw

    Bjs Hangin Tuf

    I wish you'd had more time with her. Such a pretty girlie. Run free sweet Buffy.
  5. My hounds are much healthier due to homeopathy, it's a mainstay in this household, and our first line of defense for health issues. Here's a website that has more information. Extraordinary Medicine
  6. Happy Birthday sweetie. Give all my bridge angels a poke, we miss you and all of them too.
  7. My angel Connie, with her face smushed into her muzzle Angel Romi who was rarely able to keep his tongue in his jaw. Boy I miss these two bridge kids.
  8. kjw


    Yes, the radio is coming in much more clearly since Rocco got here lol. Thank you for all the good wishes, he's a really good fit. Seniors are the best!
  9. An older gentleman has arrived at Camp Greyhound to join our elders in keeping campers in line. His name is Rocco. Like most seniors, they are all adjusting well. Bailey is fine with the new addition. And so is Andy I Can't wait to get to know Rocco, but I already know he is one special boy, and I'm so glad he's come to join us.
  10. I had actually forgotten how much I love this site.
  11. Happy Birthday Mandy, from Andy (almost 13) and Bailey (just turned 12), and me too. You're an inspiration! I hope you got spoiled and spoiled and spoiled...
  12. Another vote for colloidal silver, it's really marvelous and simple to apply on any kind of wound. The manuka honey is really the most useful on things like deep cuts and abscesses when you want to clear up an infection. It's not as simple to use, as you need to apply it thickly and then cover it for best results (it's drippy and sticky as you would expect honey to be), whereas the silver, you just spray and go. Your local health food store should have a brand of silver that will work, 10 PPM is fine, and we prefer the Ionic or electrically isolated silver, as it can be used internally as well. The silver proteins, not so much.
  13. Roman nosed hounds seem to have more character than regular nosed hounds, or maybe I'm just lucky. I've had 2 now, and Romi was a HUGE character, so much so that going on 2 years he's been gone, I still think of him every day. Joey, while very different from Romi, also has a ton of character, and is much beloved already, and has fans outside our home too. Wish I could take him, I have a broodie here who would straighten him out in a hurry lol.
  14. I'm so sorry you've lost Atlas, it's so very hard when they leave. Run free with all our bridge angels, handsome boy.
  15. What wonderful news - here's hoping your boy is home with you soon, and healing up without a hitch!
  16. Awesome news! This means you have my Andy(Iza Handy Boy) on tape! I'm so excited to see him run!
  17. I know several of the dogs in the races you've posted - what a treat to see them run! Thank you so much, and I hope that someone will step up and help implement your website idea, it's the simplest one for everyone!
  18. We will miss the sweet soft Miss Arlie at Camp Greyhound. She left an indelible mark on my heart and will not be forgotten. Take care of yourselves.
  19. I have a few more dogs to add, if it's ok, now that you've found even more tapes. Kiowa My Dodie raced at Hinsdale Sept. 4 2002- Aug. 9 2003 and his half brother, Hallo Forty Nine, Sept. 5 2002 - March 15 2003 I don't think the rest of my guys raced there, if they did, they aren't listed as such. Thank you so much - I'd be happy to contribute a little something to help with the costs you're incurring.
  20. Awesome news indeed, I've never seen any of mine in a race! Whenever you get them uploaded is great, looking forward to seeing them! Thanks so much for offering to do this for us! Iza Handy Boy 2002-2005
  21. kjw

    Bee Wiseman

    My deepest sympathies go out to both of you and to Murray on this terrible loss. I will never forget meeting you all at GiG, and what nice visits we had sipping beverages on patios. Bee Wiseman was priceless. Run free, sweet Bee Wiseman.
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