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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. Run free, Sandee.
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    I am so sorry for your loss.
  3. kjw


    Thanks, all of you, for your very kind and supportive thoughts. It has helped tremendously over the past very long week. I thought you would like to know, over at Rooandrant.com they have named their new "Remembrance" section 'Cody's Corner', after our beloved Cody. I love the name, and when I receive Cody's ashes next week, I will be putting them in his favorite spot to dig, in the corner of the garden, which will also be named Cody's Corner. I will post pics when it's done. Thank you all again, so very much, for helping myself and my family through this difficult time.
  4. Well, I donated just last month, but I'm going to make another donation in Cody's memory "cause you guys have been so great through the whole horrible thing. edit for sp.
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    Remembering My Gigi

    Your Gigi sounds like a wonderful person. And I'd bet, too, that she stayed at the bridge (I'M going to!)
  6. omg I shouldn't have read that.
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    The Legacy

    Cody made me realize that the universe is full of love, just waiting for us to let it in.
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    I'm so very sorry for your loss. Run free, Solo
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    Very sorry for your sudden loss. Godspeed to the bridge, Tommy.
  10. kjw

    Goodbye, Rush

    My sympathies for your loss. Have a romp with Cody at the Bridge, Rush.
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    Shiloh 1992-2004

    So sorry for your loss. I hope Shiloh and Cody are playing at the bridge.
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    I have to once again thank GTers for all their support during this horrible time. I have left a final update (in Health and Medical pg. 10, "I'm in Shock")regarding Cody's death. You viewed this thread 3217 times, and there were 193 responses. We are overwhelmed with the love and support provided. Cody came to us with his half brother Bailey from Bill and Fred at the GRA Canada facility on January 1, 2004. I had not intended adopting 2 greyhounds, I had not even intended getting males, as I thought a small female would be easier for us to cope with. These two boys became available for adoption thru no fault of their own the day we came out. The picked us, in no uncertain terms, and I had to return home and make arrangements for the addition of one more. Cody did not have to make a huge adjustment to us; he had a big personality and even bigger presence, unlike his brother who was in a bit of shock, and much more reserved. He immediately became my velcro boy,following me everywhere, nuzzling my hand, and letting me know when it was time for more attention. He was playful, even bowing to the cats, once everyone started getting along. His favorite thing was smoked bones, followed closely by marrow bones stuffed with peanut butter and treats. He would play with squeakies, but only because Bailey was. Cody had a truly noble bearing, which belied his goofy ways. He loved to jump up when he was excited, and was extremely proud of his new jacket and collar. He only got to wear it twice. Here is the last picture I took of him. He is in his lovely new outfit, made by Fit for a Knight. Thanks Cheryl, for the great job you did. One other thing Cody loved to do was eat pupsicles. I found out about this predilection at Obedience class, at PetSmart, when he decided that chocolate labs were just yummy treats for him. I have a picture of him at graduation day, in the hat, he looks so silly. He gave greyhounds a good name with his marks, if not his eating habits. Here is Cody showing off his "sit" I feel badly for Cody because he raced his heart out for years, having run 125 races, and yet his retirement was so short. He should have had another 6,7 or 8 years with us at least, as he was not yet 6 when he left us for the bridge. However, what was lacking in quantity was made up for in quality. He got as much love as we could give him in that short time, and I know that he was aware of how much we loved him. Bailey also loved him very much, and they often played together. Their favorite thing to do was make a mess. In the end, I suppose I should not be so selfish in missing him so much. He had a rapid death, and did not seem to be very aware of what was going on. I can only hope he did not suffer too much, and be grateful that I was there at the end. He died doing what he loved, playing in the backyard with his brother. My heart is sore. I will never forget him.
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    Rocky Is Missing !

    Rocky, you're grounded Thank goodness he's home safe!
  14. kjw

    Goodbye, Rush

    I'm so sorry you've come to Greytalk under such sad circumstances. Please do stick around and share your wisdom. GTers are a great support in times like these. Run free at the bridge, Rush
  15. You sound like you're going to be a greyt parent - again.
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    My Sweet Boy Is Gone

    To both of you, I am so sorry for your loss. Run free, Fletch Run free, Reefer
  17. Well. I can't pretend to understand everything you said, since I am cyber-challenged, but your broad member base explains all the wide ranging opinions received when one asks a question. Differing socio-political perspectives appear to have a huge impact even on poop threads!
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    Old Fellas

    Old Fellas
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    Pics of Romi
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