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  1. I don't think there's any one answer to that Dan. Those of us who have lost beloved greys know the kind of pain you're in, although your losses have been great to lose 3 so quickly. I know when Cody left so suddenly, what helped me most was being here on GreyTalk, where my loss was understood. That, and my remaining boy helped me pull myself together again. Keeping busy, once I was able to concentrate again helped too. And I know that having to go get another grey, while painful, was necessary for Bailey, and Lou did distract me from the pain as well. My boys need me to be there for them; and while sometimes all I could do was sit down on the floor and cry with them there by my side, the grief gradually softened over time. A lot of time. The second anniversay of his death is rapidly approaching, and while I still deeply feel the loss of Cody, I can appreciate the memories more now, and smile softly when I look at his favorite spot in the yard instead of dissolving into grief when standing on the spot where he died. We can speak of him now, and the things he did without an overwhelming sense of pain and loss. And mostly, I think when I look into the eyes of Bailey, Lou and Romi, I remember that I must love them now, and be here for them now, because that is all we really have. You're in my thoughts.
  2. kjw

    A Day In Hell

    My deepest sympathies to you on your losses. What a horrible experience to go through. When you are at your lowest, that is the time to turn to this forum. When I lost Cody, it was under different circumstances, and also very sudden. The only thing that held me up was the love and support I received here. Please don't stay away too long. There are people here that have had the same thing happen, and while most of us have not been through this horrible kind of tragedy, we will be here for you. Run free at the bridge with Cody, sweet Lacey.
  3. That's a rough break, but I think the other posters are right, it's your love and memories that will help you through this horrible time. I do have Cody's ashes, but they are just a symbol, and sometimes that symbol makes me think of his death, rather than his life. I have been working on an area of the garden where his favorite spot to lie down was. I add special things each year, and I call it Cody's corner. When I look at that spot, I can just see him, trying to dig up the tree roots, or going over and pooping on a bush (he loved making poop bushes!). Cody's corner makes me think of the beautiful pupper that we had, and the love than shone out of his eyes, and the great times we had with him. It helps with the grief, I stongly recommend working on something that will help you remember your love and the good times, not her death. I am so sorry for you loss; and my heart is breaking for you.
  4. kjw

    The Rev

    Deepest sympathies to you and Sharon.
  5. kjw

    My Sweet Boy Bomber

    Doreen, those pictures are wonderful. I love the pajama one, that really does say it all. You were lucky to have Bomber, and he was lucky to have you.
  6. kjw

    My Sweet Boy Bomber

    Run free at the bridge, sweet Bomber. Cody is looking for you there. Words cannot express how sorry I am, Doreen. Hugs to you and Kirk.
  7. Ex- mobile groomer here, and this is the recipe I always used, without fail, except with dog shampoo rather than the dishsoap. Worked much better, if freshly mixed, than the commercial products. And you'd do better drinking your tomato juice, really, as if you have a dog with white fur on him, it will turn the fur orange.
  8. kjw

    Our Big Man Has Gone

    I am so very sorry that your beautiful Percy has passed. Hugs to you and Barbara, and the furkids, Romi sends special licks to little Bella. Run Free, Percy.
  9. I miss Cody's middle-of-the-night TiChi sessions on my bed. I miss the way he used to jump up on his back legs and paw me to greet me, even tho it's not supposed to be good to let a dog do that. He looked like a big puppy the way he just pranced around in happiness. I miss the way he always had his big wet cold nose in my hand. I even miss the way he used to whine and howl if I was online for too long. And I am grateful that he went so quickly, for altho it was such a shock and very hard on us, he did not appear to suffer at all, and was gone within a few minutes.
  10. Old as my mouth, a little older than my teeth
  11. Iberia is playing at the bridge with Cody and all the other bridge kids.
  12. I have a Cody at the bridge too. I'm sure that he and the rest of the bridge kids will take good care of her, until you see her again. The heartache will slowly fade with time, try to feel comforted that you gave her a good home, she was much loved while she was here, and you did let her go free when you knew the time was right for both of you. Remember that, when things feel dark. Run free, sweet Cody.
  13. I'm so very sorry. Godspeed Rusty. There'll be no pain at the bridge, and many of our puppers will be there to greet you.
  14. I'm so sorry to hear you lost your little girl. It sounds like she was greatly loved.
  15. kjw

    Farewell Nikki

    I'm so very sorry for your loss. Run free at the bridge, sweet Nikki.
  16. Thanks Maria. I needed that.
  17. kjw

    3 Months Tomorrow

    We lost Cody very suddenly this past April, and both my daughter and I will still sometimes tear up or cry about him. We had to adopt another boy, Lou, very quickly, as Bailey was on a hunger strike. Lou did not stop the pain, but he did distract us. We have adopted a third since then, Roman, who is rapidly becoming my heart dog, but I will never forget my Cody. We often talk about him, how he'd like some new toy we bought, how how he might have responded to one of our new additions, things like that. I have his ashes on the mantle, and I'm working on a memorial for him in the garden. I don't believe there is a set time frame or even a set way to grieve, we are all individuals and you just have to move through it as best you can. It's been 6 months, and I still have trouble with the Remembrance forum, as I find it painful to read. Yesterday when I found out Casey had gone to the bridge, I cried my eyes out, then got up and had a snuggle with Romi. It helped. Hazel will send you send you someone when the time is right.
  18. kjw

    Our Lady Sophia

    I'm so very sorry you've lost Sophie. There's just no words to express the sorrow.We prayed as hard as we could, I guess they needed her at the bridge. Run fast and pain-free to the bridge, little Sophie, Cody is there to show you where all the good treats are.
  19. kjw


    Cody is waiting for her at the bridge. Run free, sweet Rosie.
  20. kjw

    4 Month Bridge Day

    My deepest condolences. I just passed Cody's one month Bridge day, and I miss him and think of him just as much, altho the shock has worn off. I hope Fletch and Cody are playing at the bridge together.
  21. kjw


    Thanks, Kirk.
  22. kjw


    Well, I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since Cody passed away. It seems like 2 years. The first week was horrible, only made better by all your wonderful support. As I said in other posts, Bailey was the hardest hit of all of us. After thinking it over and talking with many people, we did decide to bring Lou home, and he has been a huge help to Bailey. Lou has also helped distract me from the loss of Cody, but I still think of him many times every day, and I miss him so much sometimes, I still cry about it. I picked up Cody's ashes a few days ago, but I just can't bury them yet. They sit on our mantle, a subtle reminder of my beautiful boy. I feel angry sometimes to think that's all that's left of him. And angry that he never even had one summer to enjoy his retirement. He deserved at least that, he ran his heart out for 125 races, and only had a few months to enjoy some relaxation and pet life. I am grateful that I took so many pictures of him, so that we can always have those to look at, and remember what a wonderful dog he was. And we do have our memories, but it just doesn't feel like that's enough. I miss my beautiful pupper.
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