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  1. Sending prayers for that beautiful girl Sprite.
  2. kjw

    Esquire Chad

    I'm so sorry. You will see him again one day. Run free, sweet Chad.
  3. Your love for her really shines through your tribute. What a blessing that she had you, and you had her. Run free, sweet girl, there are lots of boys for you to play with at the bridge!
  4. I'm so sorry, Bill. Words also failing me right now. Hugs to you and your family. Run free at the bridge, Sky.
  5. I'm so sorry. Run free at the bridge Charm.
  6. I'm so sorry you've lost your Felicia. Run free, sweet girlie. :gh_run2
  7. kjw

    Through Clouds ....

    Well, GT is growing every day, so we see a correspondingly larger number of notices in the Remebrance Forum. But still, it's very very sad.
  8. Sadly, we've had so many recent passings, it's time to revisit our little group at the bridge. Date: September 10, 2008. Location: The Grey Haven area of the Rainbow Bridge. Batman, Icarus and Cody had gotten to be real buddies, and they took their reception duties at the Rainbow Bridge very seriously. Well, as seriously as they could, since they were in paradise. There was always a treat, a turkey neck or a stuffie that was irrestistible and could draw them away from their duties for a time. But luckily, time at the Rainbow Bridge was a different kind of thing than anywhere else. And treats would appear, and another happy feeling would fill them with joy anytime a loved one thought of them. Miss Nellie arrived and leaned over to sniff Cody. "I think something's up again - gee, it sure has been busy at reception lately"! Cody yawned and stretched, poking Batman with his paws. "If we're getting another bunch in, we'd better call in the troops, and you know, we need the girls, too! You'd better call them, they don't always hear me" said Cody. Miss Nellie lifted her lovely head and called out: "Foxy! Song! Lacey Laine! Suzy! We have more arrivals"! Batman sat up slightly, better to listen for the girls. He was guarding a pile of socks and one was stuck to Icarus' head. "Icarus! Clean up! Gee, what are the newbies going to think if you greet them with an angels' sock stuck to your head"! Nellie scolded. Icarus shook his head, stood up and stretched, looking as handsome as ever. "That's better" said Batman. "Here come the girls" said Cody, and with that, you could hear the thunder of many paws hitting the grass in an excited fashion. They could see the girls they'd called to help, and many others too, Song had Bright Jade, Ocala Betty, Kyles Hombre, Honey, Patches, Merry and the others with her. Lacey Laine was leading the way with Jana, and Angie was bringing up the rear. Everyone could hear the thunder the girls created as they ran, and the sound woke the rest of the residents at the bridge. Cinder and Tigger, along with Dylon, Scrimage, Quinnie, Oliver and Dreamer came up over the ridge. Carrier came, with Stanley, Nevada and Mahogany. Queen Barbie Jade, Sugar Bear, and Runner brought Princess Flake, Buycut, Wally and Raisin with sister Lucky Charm. Hoss had to run hard to catch up with them, and Nauti was not far behind! "Listen up" said Batman, "We have a lot of new arrivals, let's go over and show them the ropes! Be sure to let them know, they're just here for a while, their parents will pick them up one day, and in the mean time they get to do whatever they want. I'm not going to teach anymore greyhounds how to steal angels' socks, the angels are getting a little miffed, and they all have cold feet"! "We know the drill, we've done it before, lots of times" said Miss Nellie. Cody and Icarus rolled their eyes. "Wait for me, my sister's coming"! Beecher said as he ran up. "So's mine" said Oscar, out of breath, “And mine"! said Earl, nuzzling Oscar. "OK, let's go" said Icarus. "But wait", said Cody, "Where's Peatie? Oh, I keep forgetting, his Mom came to get him and they moved on together. Never mind!" Once again, the established pack at Grey Haven moved forward to meet the newcomers just arriving at the Rainbow Bridge, joy shining out from their eyes in the knowledge that they had been, and still were, loved by those who had taken care of them in life. They could still feel this love every time someone on earth thought of them. The newcomers approached. Comet, Tessie, Dee, Warrior, Nimby, Geordie, Dempsey, Emmy, Aria, Payne, Caesar and the others came up to meet the Grayhaven Pack. Tilt was in the lead, and Icarus approached him. Earl went to Nimby, Oscar to Dee and Beecher to Tessie. As siblings reunited, Cody kicked a basketball to Emmy, and they all moved forward as one, running over the shining hills...some of them had not been able to do that in a while! Kato ran to catch up. They all experienced the joy and bliss that came with just being at the bridge. Pain and old age were gone forever, everyone was whole and happy here, while they waited... ORIGINAL APRIL 2007 POST On the anniversary of my Cody's passing three years ago, and inspired by Diane's series, I feel the need to write a little something. So many have passed in those 3 years, and quite a few just recently. I would like to offer this little something to acknowledge the joy, grief and love these beautiful creatures bring into our lives. Most especially for Cody, I love and miss you, you big goof, and I can totally see you in this little story. If your pupper is not mentioned by name, as many are not, you can go ahead and add to the story. My thoughts and prayers go out to those of you who have lost your beautiful grey. If I offend, I do apologize, this is offered from my heart. Cody and Friends at The Bridge It was a clear day at the Rainbow Bridge, as all the days are. Kiowa My Dodie also known as Cody or Goofball, scanned the horizon, as he had a feeling of anticipation come over him, and he knew what that meant. He leaned over and sniffed Batman's butt, and gave him a poke to wake him. Batman lazily turned his head, being careful to guard all the angel's socks he had been collecting. "What's up, Cody?" Cody sniffed the gentle breeze curling through the greyhaven area of Rainbow Bridge. "I think we have some new arrivals on the way, something's definitely up, I can always tell. Whenever new arrivals are on the way, I can smell my Mom's scent - it's her way of letting me know to keep an eye out." "Geez, Cody.... didn't we just have a big hullabullu a while ago, when that lady, Milli something showed up for all of her crew? Seems like just yesterday, and now more excitement?" Cody sniffed the breeze again. "Yup, something is definitely up, maybe you should call in some of our extended crew - be sure to get some girls, they are always good at making sure we don't miss anyone. Last time we were in charge, and poor Nugget almost ended up camping out with the new arrivals in the Golden Retriever area, if it wasn't for Ceasar, we might have missed Nugget altogether!" Batman stretched out, revelling in the sunbath he had been having, but realized he had a responsibility to fullfill. His Mom would expect no less of him. He called on the breeze. "Nellie! Nugget! Pretty! Lily!" Cody could see the girls coming from a distance, poetry in motion, running at top speed with joy in their hearts to join Batman and himself. The gentle breeze in the greyhaven area of the Rainbow Bridge always seemed to help them get where ever they needed to be, not that any of them ever needed any help anymore. All the pets at the Bridge were restored to wholeness and completely painfree. They could also eat anything they wanted, whenever they wanted it, and special treats came up regularly whenever their loved ones thought of them. This truly was heaven, Cody thought, and the best part is I can think of my family without being sad, time is different here, and I know I will see my family again. "Batman, you'd better put a call out for Casino, she needs to be here for sure, another one from her family is arriving!" Batman called, and there was Casino, running with the wind. She had caught her sister's scent already, and knew where she had to be. Cody tilted his head, pondering another scent. "Hmmm, looks like we need a special delivery message to another area of the bridge... Hamster Haven, I think. Yes, definitely. Sending the call out now, but tell Nibbler she needs to manifest herself as a greyhound to everyone but her brother, otherwise there'll be mayhem up here! Oh, and tell her to bring Maisey too!" Cody's message made it's way to the right area, and Nibbler came scampering to see who it was she was meeting, with Maisey running up from the lake. "Ok, ladies, what do you think, do we have everything we need to meet the newbies?" Nellie sniffed the breeze, and thought for a moment. "I think we could call a few more, just to be sure the newbies feel comfortable and happy. You know who to call, I think." Cody lifted his muzzle, and called out. "Cinder! Thunder! Cleo! Idol! Oh, and bring Slick ,Larry and The Rev... they are always great with newbies! And Iberia too!" Nellie looked sideways at Cody and Batman. " You know guys, I don't know why you worry so much about this, you know that whoever needs to be there to greet newcomers, well, they always appear. Look, see, there's Dagger coming over the hill and you never even called him. And Star and Kali too! Both Erin and Icarus will have everyone they need, and will adjust instantly, as we all do when we arrive. Cody pawed the ground. "Yes, Nellie, you're right as always. I just think they need some help understanding how things are here, I bet Icarus will be confused, because he passed so quickly, all of a sudden he's here, all his legs are fine, he can run just like he used to, and you know, he did have some trouble moving around down there. And Erin, too, she almost made it to her 15th birthday, she hardly had any teeth and see - look at her she's prancing around like a puppy and her teeth are back! That's gotta be confusing for her! Sophie, Queenie, Olivia and Weenie arrived in time to hear Cody's comments. Sophie nuzzled Cody gently and said " But Cody, didn't you say when you arrived, you just meandered right in and started eating treats, playing with your greeters, and had no problems at all, even though you remembered later that you passed very quickly?" Cody sniffed Sophie's flank. "Ok, ok, you girls are right. So let's go meet the newbies - Erin and Icarus are waiting, and I see a few more, it looks like Tatum, Blue and Kurri are there too. Wow, that's a lot of new puppers for us to play with!" Kassidy and Dove ran up to Cody. " It's time - look there's our brother, waiting for us". The established pack of the Greyhaven area of the Rainbow Bridge move forward as one, shining their light brightly for all the newcomers to see. They brought with them all the love they knew in their lives, as well as the love they still receive whenever they are remembered, and the joy shines out from their eyes as they run up to meet the newcomers. Casino, Nibbler, and Batman arrive first at the new group. Icarus, Erin, Blue, Tatum, Tweek and Kurri and the others look up at them with anticipation. As Casino nuzzles Erin, Batman starts off... " Ok all you new puppers, come with me and I'll show you how to steal the angel's socks when they are not looking....."
  9. kjw

    Erin Mcfuzzybutt

    My deepest sympathies to you both on the loss of Erin. What a sweet face...they will love her at the bridge, where she will run free like a puppy again. :grouphug
  10. kjw


    Omg Jen I'm so, so sorry - Unfortunately I know how horrible this feels for you. Please know that there will be peace one day about this, but in the meantime, Icarus knew he was loved deeply, and he passed quickly. Your beautiful boy is now at the bridge, and you will see him again one day. My deepest sympathy to you and your family...I will send healing light in my meditations to all of you. Run free sweet Icarus, and be sure to let Mommy and Daddy know you are ok.
  11. I found this site that lists 2005 numbers, but I don't know that it's complete at all.
  12. Always great to see another Dutch boy here - my boy Bailey is one too! Welcome!
  13. OMG ...can't stop laughing.....
  14. kjw

    Willow Is Gone

    I am so sorry. We lost our Cody in a very similar way. Please take good care of yourselves while this sinks in, and know we are here for you. God speed, little angel Willow, look for Cody at the bridge, he loves to play.
  15. kjw

    Boo's Rob Roy

    I am so very sorry you've lost Rob Roy, Diane. Such a heartbreak. Run free at the bridge, sweet boy. :grouphug
  16. I' m so sorry you've lost him. He was beautiful. Godspeed, Billy, run free at the bridge with all our bridge kids.
  17. kjw


    My deepest sympathies to you and your family. It's apparent that Tigger was loved very much, and had a wonderful retirement. My heart aches for you. Run free at the bridge, Tigger, all our beloved bridge kids will meet you there.
  18. Lou has been on anti-inflammatories since his crash 7 weeks ago; we started with metacam oral, but had to discontinue after 3 weeks because of bloody diarhrea. We switched to Deramaxx, and are giving between 25 to 33 mg once a day, and twice if he seems like he's in pain. Some days I don't give it at all. No problems with it so far. He's also on Glucosamine and msm.
  19. I truly hope you never have to go through this again, poor you and poor Leia. But it sounds like she is healing up beautifully, thanks to her ever vigilant parents!
  20. If you feel she doesn't need it, you can discontinue it at any time. Rimadyl is one of the more controversial NSAIDS, that being said many dogs take it with no problems. If you feel she does need an antiinflammatory and you're not comfortable with Rimadyl, ask your vet for some deramaxx. Not much controversy around that one. I personally would not use Rimadyl, simply because there IS a lot of buzz around it, and there are lots of other good NSAIDs that don't have all the rumors floating around about it. Why use it if there are other drugs available that do the job.
  21. It won't heal when its covered. That's why you have to leave it open. I know, it's gross, but that's what you have to do. the flushing takes care of any microbes that might land.
  22. Water therapy is just flushing with water, or liquid. It stimulates healing. The rubbing with gauze does a similar thing. I'm not sure why it happens, but it does speed the healing when the inner layers are exposed.
  23. Yup, water therapy works great - the irrigation seems to trigger granulation of the open skin, and the would heals from the inside out, as Diane says. My Bailey had an open wound on his side about 2" in diameter, at the time I could not afford surgery to close it, so my vet taught me how to take care of it at home. We just kept it as clean as possible, irrigated regularly, and it really did well. The vet showed me how to rub the open area (ewwwww) with a sterile cloth, and we used saline with iodine for flushing. He healed up completely within 3-4 weeks with no complications, and infact it healed better than other holes that we had stitched, it just took a little longer. We did an initial 2 week round of antibiotics, but other than that and a few days of NSAIDs, nothing. Since Leia's wound is on her leg, you would expect the healing to take a little longer, and it may be more challenging to keep clean. You're also likely to have some digestive issues because of the rimadyl. I know it looks really horrible, but what you're seeing is normal, and you can deal with it. It just takes a little getting used to. That was a great idea to take her out, I know Lou gets very bored as he can't walk far, but we've done the same as you just to give him a change. He also likes just going for car rides, it seems to break the day up a bit for him as he's healing. I've also bought him some more entertaining treats, like pigs ears and bully sticks. Unfortunately he has little interest in stuffies! We have also had grey friends over for inside visits, and he has gone visiting as well - I find that if they are inside, they tend to not get quite so rambunctious as they do outside. If she likes stuffed kongs, that may help keep her occupied as well. Hugs to you both. :grouphug
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