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  1. Sending prayers for Nimby. Geez, your plate couldn't be much more full!
  2. Just saw this, we are sending prayers and white light!
  3. kjw


  4. Batmom is a wise lady. I have no advice to offer, never having been where you are. I will keep you and your pupper in my thoughts, and hope for many many pain free days for you to enjoy together.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to post. :grouphug
  6. Oh nooo! I am so very sorry to hear this news. Run free Greta. There are many waiting for you at the bridge. :grouphug
  7. kjw


    I'm so sorry you've lost your Katie-bug. She was lucky to be so loved, and you were lucky to have her. Run free at the bridge, Katie, with all our bridge angels.
  8. I am so very sorry to read this news. My thoughts are with you during this heartbreaking time. The Fruitbat will be sorely missed by many around the globe. She was dearly loved. Run free at the bridge, sweet Skittle.
  9. Checking in to see how Jester is doing - all fingers and paws are crossed for a smooth recovery - Mom deserves a little break and so do the puppers!
  10. Soak it as much as you can. I don't know if you use homeopathics, but giving Silicea 200c at 3x daily would also encourage the foreign body to come out.
  11. Sending white light and prayers from Canada for Snickers.
  12. Sending prayers and white light for Sophie.
  13. I'm so very sorry you lost your Dylan. It's clear that he was deeply loved, and knew it. :group Run free at the bridge, sweetie.
  14. Your property sounds like grey puppy heaven It was obviously meant to be, since things have gone so smoothly. I can't wait to hear about her when she gets home! Congratulations, and best wishes for many years of happiness with your little Jenny!
  15. Scritches to Caesar for being such a brave boy. Here's hoping the nail is it for a while!
  16. Nope, just once at night, and only on the corn tissue, or rather, the hole left behind.
  17. kjw

    Richard Is Gone

    I'm so sorry you lost Richard. He sounds a lot like my orange boy, Rufus. He's probably getting them all straightend out at the bridge. :grouphug
  18. I am so very sorry to hear your news. I have no experience, but others who do will reply, but in the meantime, I am sending white light and healing thoughts to Snicker, and to you. Dr. Couto is fantastic, and will be able to to help: greyosu@osu.edu Lots of help at Circle of Greys too.
  19. Between Lou with his hip, Romi with his corns, and Bailey dislocating toes, I think I will get depressed if I add it up to get the actual number of visits. I will guess an average of 4x, but I know, especially with Lou's hip, it's been way way more than that.
  20. I don't know if anyone suggested this as I did not read the entire thread, but there's quite a few small girlie greys, and even some boys, who are around the 50lb mark, which is really large whippet size. If you requested a pupper this size from your group, this could help eliminate the whole large dog/rental home problem. I know 2 girlies down the street that are literally half the size of my biggest boy, and just adorable. There's really nothing like a greyhound
  21. I also believe you can have an amazing bond with a retired greyhound, without the year or 2 of hell you get from a greypuppy. Most treasured by myself is the time when your pupper, straight off the track, is learning about home life. It's very similar to bringing up a puppy, and is the reason I never get a fostered dog, I treasure that experience so much. If you're determined to get a greyhound puppy, I would strongly suggest you check out all the posts on this site about them. From what I've read, it takes a ton of energy and patience just to get through a day with one of them - they are VERY different dogs when they are under 2years of age. Just search with the term "puppy", that should bring up a whack of them. Good Luck, whatever you decide, and be sure to post pics once you get your new pupper home, whether he's young or old.
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