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  1. Oh no! My heart sunk when Carol told me the news. She was such a sweet, lovable girl. I'm so sorry. Hopefully these two are having fun together again.
  2. He can roach without choking! The difference is incredible.
  3. I'm so sorry. That picture with him and the ferret is one of my all time favorites. ETA - Carol, not Ryan. Forgot to log out.
  4. UOP School of Law in Sac. You went there?

  5. I don't have much to add except that one thing that worked with Mara for taking pills was brie cheese. Yes, brie. It sounds like Sutra is taking the PB, but just in case he decides he doesn't like it, there's always that option. Here's hoping he continues to do well and that the artemisinin works! ETA: Carol not Ryan...time to log out and log back in
  6. Lucy, this is so heartbreaking. You are doing the best thing for him to let him go while he is still happy. We lost both Matty (osteo) and Mara (megaesphagus)within the past year - Mara just 2 and a half weeks ago. Our wonderful vet came to our home for both of them, and I think that is the best for us. Both Matty and Mara were able to pass peacefully where they were most comfortable, and the other dogs were allowed to be around if they wanted to be. Neither was in the room when Mara passed, but Mara and Mork were near-by when Matty did. One thing that both devastated me and reassured me was that both greeted our vet with happy tail wags. Both had had very difficult a very difficult day prior to that, and while it killed us to see them excited at that point, it also helped to know that the left happy. Again, I am so so sorry. ETA - this is Carol again.
  7. I'm so sorry for this diagnosis. Continue to enjoy every minute and keep on spoiling him rotten. ETA - this is Carol. I didn't realize Ryan was logged on...but I know he's thinking the same thing.
  8. RyanUOP06


    I still can't really believe I have to write this. Mara was pretty much the perfect first greyhound and dog, in general. The thing that was most amazing about Mara was the impression that she left on other people. Even people who typically didn't care much for dogs could not help but fall in love with her well-behaved, sweet, happy, and adaptable personality. She changed a lot of people's pre-conceived notions of how greyhounds act, and even in her last days, she convinced a vet tech to adopt a greyhound. I miss her a lot. First pic I saw of Mara: Can't believe they are both gone in less than a year.
  9. Mork started his meds on August 1st. Because he had such bad toe issues, we didn't really see any increased energy until his bum toe came off, and he was really able to walk and run. That said - he is now a new dog, and was after about 4 months. It may have taken less time to see results if he wasn't in so much pain with the toe. We also have noticed that he seems to have a much less doggy smell, and his coat looks a lot better. Those changes were noticeable in 2 months or less. He's on .6mg of levothyroxine 2 times a day. ETA - this is Carol, too lazy to log into my account.
  10. Yes, in a heartbeat. We just went through this with Mork, and I wish I did it a year ago. It was a back weight-bearing toe, and we agonized over the decision - it was the best thing we ever did for him, and we also tried everything - hulling, laser, bee propolis, dremeling, everything...
  11. Now I am become death. The destroyer of worlds.

  12. I don't get how comments are showing up from 2007.

  13. Caddywhompus! I hope this helps the big fella.
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