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  1. Actually, it is a Dauphin (French). It has a distinctive high pitched hum from the tail rotor because it is encased in the tail. A lot of municipalities use them for life-flights and police copters as well.


    It is a variant of the French-built Dauphin.

    The SA 366 G1 Dauphin version was selected by the USCG in the early 1980s as its new short range recovery air-sea rescue helicopter and given the designation HH-65A Dolphin. In order to comply with U.S. regulations, engineering changes were required. So it isn't actually a Dauphin, it really is a Dolphin.

    Wow. Everyone calls the one here at the test center a Dauphin and it is painted the same way... maybe it was an early test bed then. Learned something new today :)

  2. What's that red thing in the middle of the picture? Helicopter? I can't tell.


    yep - a dolphin (they are cg orange)

    Had one flying around the neighborhood quite a bit yesterday (test flights after repair)


    Actually, it is a Dauphin (French). It has a distinctive high pitched hum from the tail rotor because it is encased in the tail. A lot of municipalities use them for life-flights and police copters as well.



  3. We have had a few dogs come through that have tested positive and my Maisy is also positive. The protocol is not to treat unless the dog exhibits symptoms. However, since one of the main symptoms is fatigue, how do you know? One of the dogs we had was 2 yrs old and just kind of "hung around." We went ahead and treated him and he became a happy, goofy, silly dog. Maisy was very stiff and just wasn't "right." I treated her and she back to her normal, goofy self again. I will say that the dogs we have tested for TBDs we have tested because they just weren't "right." It was just a feeling; the look in their eyes and their general attitude.

  4. I can answer the continental divide question for you from the point of view of someone educated in the Colorado public school system. It is the point in the mountains that divides the way the runoff goes, anything on the east of the continental divide flows to the east, feeding rivers like the Missouri, Platte, Arkansas and Rio Grande, most of it eventually running into the Mississippi and the Atlantic Ocean. Anything on the west of the continental divide runs west, feeding rivers like the Colorado and Columbia river basins, flowing to the Pacific.

    There is also an Eastern Continental divide that runs through PA, WV, and VA (and other states, of course). On that divide, everything to the West flows to the Mississippi and everything to the East flows to the Ocean.

  5. Our group uses Home Again and our coordinator has the following to say:

    "The fee to put the chip in the database initially is a one-time fee. This includes tracking of the chip number and who it is registered to forever. Their pet recovery services cost $15 annually. This includes contacting shelters and vets offices on your behalf if your dog gets lost."


    I told her what was in this post and she will call her rep back this afternoon...

  6. The biggest problem is that the two major chip companies - Avid and Home Again - do not have compatible scanners/frequencies. If you have one kind of chip, the other kind of scanner can't read it or even register that it exits. There was a big controversy here a couple years ago when the local humane society started chipping with Avid and none of the local vets (or the county shelters) had scanners for them.

    Three of my dogs are registered with Avid chips and one has a Home Again chip. I know for a fact that the Home Again scanner reads the Avid chips.

  7. I have four hounds and one has developed some arthritis and needs to be on some powdered supplements. We have a feeding plan that works for us in the mornings and the evenings, but given the way it works, sprinkling the supplements into one bowl of food will not work.


    I want to put the powder doses into something treat-like that I can make up a week or so in advance, put into a container, and then just give the dog the treat in the mornings and the evenings. This would also work in case someone else (one of the children) gives the dogs a meal; they can just make sure the hound get its special treat.


    Any thoughts on what I could use?

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