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  1. She would have access to only one door to the outside that we barely use. We can also install a baby gate (as you have suggested) so that she is close to me and doesn't run away as soon as the front door opens. I work with three other people (the rest of the employees work in a different building).
  2. Hi guys! First of all, I do not own a greyhound at the moment but getting one has been on my mind for some time. My grandparents own a small business and I work there full-time. As you can imagine, this would mean that the poor dog would spend at least 9 hours alone everyday which to me is not an option. My relatives are very supportive of me getting a dog and said that I'm more than welcome to bring her/him with me. There are two storeys - upstairs we talk to customers and work on our computers, downstairs we have a bathroom and a small kitchen plus we store there documents and some other stuff. The dog would be downstairs. We'd make a small cozy area for her/him and of course taking them outside several times a day isn't an issue at all. Please tell me if you guys think this is a good idea.
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