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  1. Yes, agreed! Ours has gotten better about not pulling on our regular walks but gets very excited and pulls much more when we bring him to new hiking trails, and I feel much more comfortable with him on the harness in those situations.
  2. I can't speak to whether it will help with jumping, but we got a Ruffwear harness (the Flagline) and our pup Baker likes it better than the other one we tried (the Freedom No-Pull Harness -- he refused to walk in it). Baker is on the bigger side (75lbs / chest a bit under 32") and the medium fits perfectly. It has a handle, which is great -- sometimes I'll put it on him even when I'm walking him by the collar just so I can grab the handle and keep him by my side if needed.
  3. Update: We seem to have solved this problem for the time being! I wanted to share what seemed to work in case anyone else runs into this issue: This is an embarrassingly simple solution, but we found that if we hold him on a very short leash (basically right where it latches on the collar), he comes right with us without pulling. I can't believe we never tried it before (or that it makes such a huge difference). Earlier this week, I brought him to my parent's house. Unlike us, they have a fenced yard. When he was done outside and wanted to come back in, I'd open the door and give him a few seconds to come in. If he didn't, I closed the door and walk out of his line of sight. If he stayed at the door or whined, I opened it again, but just for a few seconds. I was mostly doing that to keep bugs from getting in, but I think he got the message pretty quick that he'd be 'abandoned' if he dawdled! I wouldn't have been able to do this without a fenced yard, of course, but I do think it helped.
  4. Aw, that's so sweet! We may be spending some time hanging out in the hallway later.
  5. Baker is also a very messy pee-er -- I may have to get some of that!
  6. This probably isn't the norm, but re: cleaning paws, we actually wipe off our boy's paws with an unscented baby wipe every time we come in from outside, kind of like how we take our shoes off at the door. He doesn't mind having his paws handled so it doesn't take long. It's actually been helpful because we notice any issues with irritation, etc. right away. It doesn't seem to dry out his paws too much, but we do put on Aquaphor at night every so often to keep them from getting too dry.
  7. I think you're spot on there -- when we're stuck at the door, he is very reactive to any little sound. I have no idea what to do about it, though! We're not in a huge building, but still, there's never going to be a time when there will be zero footsteps/doors closing/etc. Thank you! I just ordered the Flagline and we're crossing our fingers that he will be okay with this one! Plus, I think it will be useful for other things (like lifting him into the car). Thank you both! I will admit that we have been lax with working on recall. We do have a long lead, but when I've tried it, he seems to have no concept that he's attached to a leash anymore -- the first time we tried, I had the leash at about 10', and he took off in a sprint and choked himself before I was able to stop him. Have you run into that? The other option I've been thinking of is that we're lucky enough to have two fully-enclosed dog parks on our block (i.e., we can always find a time to go when they're empty), so I was thinking we could work on recall there without the lead issue.
  8. I think it's very likely that he's afraid of something in the hallway -- I just wish I knew what it was! We haven't taught him "look at me," but it sounds like that would definitely help, especially since he gets really distracted and doesn't focus on us when we get to doorways. Thank you for the recommendation! We tried the Freedom No Pull Harness but he hates it, but it looks like the RuffWear designs might be better for him (and certainly better than our current last-ditch method of wrapping a towel around him and picking him up like a stork!). Have you tried these/had luck with a particular style? I think you're probably right about that! I definitely don't want to make things worse. Yes -- we're on the second floor (walk-up), and there are two steps leading into the building. He doesn't love stairs, but he's gotten used to them and generally doesn't have trouble on the inside steps. There is a back door without stairs, and we've done that sometimes, but it's really only easier in that we don't have to carry him up stairs -- he seems just as hesitant.
  9. We've had our two-year-old, Baker, for about 6 months, and for the most part, he's adjusting well -- he's full of personality and very attached to us. However, we're running into a new problem and are completely lost. We live in an apartment building with a shared entrance, and recently, Baker has been reluctant to come in from his walks. I'm not sure whether this is due to anxiety, stubbornness, or both. This started happening in the past month or so, but it's gotten much worse in the past few days -- it's taken 20-45+ minutes (and many bribes) to get him inside. Just now, it took a full hour. Some of our ideas: Anxiety: Lately, he's sometimes been hesitant to step into the hallway from our apartment when we go out for walks, so I'm wondering if he's developed some sort of anxiety around the hallway. It's definitely not that he doesn't want to go outside -- he loves walks and will be super excited to go but freeze when we get to the door. Once we get out of the apartment he's fine -- he doesn't have a problem going through the door to outside in that direction, just when we return. Stubbornness: Sometimes I wonder if he wants a longer/different walk. But we don't have a yard, and not every walk can be a 45-minute one. I don't want to deprive him of what he needs, but we do walk him a LOT and let him run around in the park when it's empty. Plus, he also does this after long walks, and taking him on another loop and trying again makes no difference. Distraction: He will often spend a lot of time looking around while he's standing at the door. If there's a person/dog walking on any of the streets near us, he will keep watching them until they are out of sight. We live in a fairly dense neighborhood so you can't really go more than a few minutes without seeing someone (or having someone else come in/out of our building). Too many bribes: I admit we have resorted to bribing him to get in with a variety of special treats. This had been working alright for a while, but I'm wondering if he's just pushing us for more. Then again, even with lots of treats and new foods, he has been refusing to come in. This is becoming an untenable problem and we're really not sure what to do. Has anyone ran into this? Any ideas?
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