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  1. @DocsDoctor Thank you, really useful advice and the website is a handy reference. I will indeed take him to the vets as they have walk on scales for dogs so I can see how much he's actually put on. Based on the link you posted, he's well short of obese.
  2. We've had our lad (in the UK) for approx 6 weeks now. When he was adopted, he was approx 35kg and wasn't seemingly underweight for a greyhound - his ribs were quite prominent as were his pointy hip bones at the end of his back. We kept him on the same diet as he had been on while in kennels (2 mug fulls of Pets at Home Complete Nutrition Kibble and half a pouch of Wainwrights meat x2 daily). Over the last few weeks, we've been feeding him Natural Instincts raw - approx 300g, 1 mugful of Gain 20 kibble plus some sardines and green veg also x2 a day. He's now noticeably chunkier - his ribs are barely noticeable and his hip bones have disappeared. He's certainly not fat but I don't want to put his legs under any strain so keen to keep an optimum weight. He has 2 walks per day of approx 40 mins each time (quite vigourous exercise as he's youngish and only recently finished racing) I'll try and exercise portion control but wondered if there was an ideal weight for a male Greyhound. As a guide, he's towards the end of the scale in terms of size - i.e. a very large dog. Should I be sticking to around 35kg or is it natural that they put on weight once adopted - I'm inclined to think he's getting a better diet now, but maybe I'm getting the fat content wrong?
  3. We had PetPlan insurance from GreyHound Trust that expires in a few days - wondered if people had recommendations or tips for UK Greyhound Insurance? I'm keen to be covered for most eventualities but especially for any surgery relating to legs/ligaments etc... I'm happier paying a bit extra each month for good cover.
  4. Ha, I hear you. Every other person seems to have a Cockerpoo these days. Almost all the problems I've had to date seem to be with Retriever or Labradors for some reason - perhaps it's in their nature to be boisterous and nosey.
  5. thanks all, this will always happen to an extent I guess, just have to try and deal with on a case by case basis. Always seems to be Golden Retrievers! Advice taken on board and appreciated.
  6. Our boy has been with us for 4 weeks now and is doing great. He does still show some aggression towards other dogs if they surprise him so we're working on this with a trainer. Today on his walk, we had a golden retreiver with no owner in sight come bounding up to us and buzzing around us for a full 5 minutes. This is on a car free, wide path but almost all dogs I see here are on lead. It totally freaked our dog out and even when barking aggressively this dog wouldn't leave us alone. Eventually he ran off when his owner appeared in the distance and called him. I know dogs are unpredictable but our lad was on leash, with a muzzle and a vest stating he's anxious around other dogs so just feel a bit annoyed. This is in UK FWIW. I'm getting a feel for 'dog etiquette' and feel like dogs that can't be controlled shouldn't be left to run amok. Not sure what I'm asking here really, just annoyed at the irresponsible owner. Need some calm, dog free walks for a few days to settle him I think.
  7. great advice as always guys, thank you so much - I've learned an amazing amount in just 2 weeks!
  8. We're two weeks into life with Hector now and he's been an absolute joy. He is still clingy (especially we me as his primary car giver) but is starting to be more relaxed ~ i.e. not always following me upstairs and downstairs every single time (though he still does this 80% of the time). I have a question regarding footcare. Regarding toenail trimming, I've found some useful advice here: https://www.greysave.org/nail-trimming.html. I just wondered how / how frequently others are doing this? As regards feet in general, I'm finding these autumn mornings and evenings provide plenty of wet grass to get a free clean on the way home, but I expect I should be brushing / washing his feet every so often as well as checking for grit/stones etc.... Advice always appreciated.
  9. Thank you all for your valued advice and detailed replies, really useful, thanks so much 🙏
  10. One other point ~ disposing of bagged poo (UK). Am I required to use only the designated dog poo bins? Or can I dispose in any litter bin? Or does this differ based on the council in question?
  11. Thanks all, useful advice. We've had our dog for just a week so we're both learning about each other. He is fed according to advice given by Greyhound Trust where we collected him ~ twice daily. He is crapping 2 - 3 times a day right now. 90% of the time, this will be during his walk, though he's done about 3 on the garden lawn so far, all in random places. Sadly, last night he did one on the lounge rug. I heard some whining about 2am and perhaps he was distressed as he needed to go but couldn't let us know (we keep him downstairs at night). Hoping this won't happen too often, thinking back, he failed to go on his evening walk for some reason so was probably 'backed up.
  12. I try and make sure my boy goes on his walk but he has decided the garden lawn is also fair game (only had him a week now). Any tips on training him to go in one area just to help keep things clean and easy? I guess part of it is showing/helping him towards that area when I see the signs he's about to go.
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