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  1. Hi @okslater, we are in the same boat here in California. Appointment to see a neurologist is 6 weeks out and we likely need an MRI. Maybe you've done this but make sure you're on the waitlist for any cancellations. Perhaps your vet can call to express the urgency. In the meantime, have you considered acupuncture, laser therapy or PEMF therapy to give some relief?
  2. Hello @diglesias0625, wondering if you ended up doing an MRI and came to any solution. We've got the same exact issue - our boy yelps/whines when he gets up from lying down (lifts his neck). Seems to be particular bad if lying in the same position for a long time. Xrays done on the neck show nothing. MRI suggested, and we are managing pain with Rimadyl and Gabapentin (carprofen). Our boy is 7, so I am hesitant to keep him on pain meds for life and would of course prefer to actually fix the source of the problem.
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