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  1. So I used my usual flea and tick spot on stuff and i was absolutely dreading it. My dog absolutely hates the stuff being on him and refuses to sleep when it's on. He just moves to different areas every 5 minutes and its impossible to sleep. I also feel bad because obviously he loves his sleep! I think it's the smell that gets him the most but I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a product that doesnt make him act weird? I'm pretty sure it's the smell because he does try to itch it and his skin looks fine but I think he is trying to run away from the weird smell that's following him! Anyway I appreciate your replies! Rhianan
  2. Thank you I will do! I just worry a lot!
  3. Okay so I cant find anything about this online but basically my boy riley got a small stone stuck in his toe pawpad and the tough black bit peeled off. It wasnt bleeding and doesnt hurt to touch and it's still got skin but its pink like when they are a puppy. It's not really swollen either. But hes refusing to walk ( he doesnt walk if its raining either or if hes feeling lazy so it's not too weird) but hes limping a little bit. All I can find online is about them peeling off so its raw or bleeding but his isn't. I was just wondering if anyone has any advise? Thank you
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