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  1. I’ve actually been adding a bit of beef mince or chicken so thanks for this suggestion!
  2. We actually had his poop and urine tested by the vet and came back all clear. So led us to believe it was more of an anxiety thing. Now his poop is fine again but he’s just more worried! I am looking into a trainer that can maybe help us with the fear too.
  3. Thanks a lot for this / that’s a great insight - I didn’t know it could be the case that he is now noticing new things. We do have neighbours who argue a lot so maybe he is picking up on that.
  4. Hey everyone, I’ve searched the internet high and low reading up on this and not found much solid info. So I wanted to ask what your experiences were with greyhound food protein percentages?? A lot of UK/EU based organisations recommend feeding -20% protein for retired racers living a fairly sedentary life. Ive noticed the school of thinking in the US is not the same. Our grey, Rylee was very anxious and on edge the first few weeks he was with us, he then started to calm down and would be a lot more forthcoming doing things he was previously super afraid of (like taking the stairs). But in the last week his anxiety has shot up again. The only thing I can see that is different is that he had an upset tummy for a couple weeks, and so we fed him plain chicken and rice. We put him back on his kibble (vet concept salmon pack, 21.8% crude protein) a week ago and so I’m wondering if that’s the issue. We are slowly transitioning to Bubeck specialist Greyhound kibble which is 18% protein. Has anyone else experienced a link between anxiety and diet? Maybe with home cooked / raw or -20% protein kibble? Thanks in advance for any answers!
  5. @MerseyGreythank you! That’s super helpful! He also had a bad stomach today so maybe he is also feeling a bit jittery because of that. I guess as well he’s never just relaxed out and about so maybe as you said doesn’t know what is expected of him. Good to know not to pay attention to it! I maybe have the habit of doting and reassuring him as I don’t like seeing him anxious so I will try to ignore it more. Thank you!
  6. Hi everyone! Thanks for reading! And all your previous helpful discussions! My partner and I adopted a beautiful 4yr old ex racer Rylee 3weeks ago. He is generally settling super well - is already playing with us, sleeps through the night and most of the day and seems quite relaxed most of the time. At first he was terrified of our apartment stairs and would freeze but now does it with treats fine. The thing that is baffling me is he whines and cries anytime we are out and stop. That can be sit down or just pause for a minute. It can be at the park, in the street, at the shops whatever. I’ve noticed it’s not the context or how busy the place is. If we start walking again he’s happy as Larry. I’ve added a video example where we paused momentarily in the empty park. The thing is it means we can’t sit in a park with him, wait for coffee etc and I’m not sure what the solution is, can anyone help with this? Thanks a lot In advance! IMG_8806.MOV
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