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  1. *based upon a scientific sample size of....TWO greyhounds ! I know that the following is not practical for most people, but it has worked wonders for me so I thought I'd share: We had our first greyhound about 20 years ago. At the time we lived in a house without any fenced-in yard/garden, so we made it a point to reserve as much as an hour in the morning for a neighborhood walk, then the same in the evening. At midday we offered a quick walk, which Twiggy usually declined (I'd rather sleep, thank you!). She'd never lived in a house before us (nor was she in a racing environment). Somehow, she never once had an accident with us. Fast forward to 2021, and we adopted Stanley, who has the opposite background: a male, from a racing environment. We live in a different place, but still no fenced in yard. Very long walk in the AM and again in the evening, offer a quick walk midday (where he stands by the sidewalk for a couple mins, walks around the house, and wants to go back inside....to sleep some more). In both cases, never an accident indoors. ever. (albeit we've only had Stanley for a few months so far). I have two theories behind our success: Abject good fortune. We are very lucky. Bladder and bowels absolutely emptied on a long walk. Take a dog out for an hour and they will pass by so many lamp posts, trees, fire hydrants, green spaces, that they absolutely cannot help but pee dozens of times (and poop several). By then end of the walk, maybe a drop of pee will come out when they attempt to mark the 100th tree of the walk. And on the third or fourth poop, hardly any will come out (but it will be on the runny side). After a walk like that, I think they couldn't pee in the house even if they wanted to. I know most people don't have the time for walks like that and are only able to let out their dogs in the yard for a short period of time, but I thought I'd share as this 'system' has worked for me. (it also forces ME to take long walks, which is an added advantage). Off to take the PM walk now
  2. Yikes! What is your current schedule for taking him out? I have been meaning to post my 'system' which has worked for me (basically: very long walks) which I suppose I will do shortly in a separate thread. That must be very frustrating. Perhaps there's a medical reason?
  3. Oh snot..uh, Spot on! We get the deer comment all the time. Stanley should be flattered but he thinks deer have big bellies and fat a$$es so he refuses to be associated with deer, even though he's the same color (and nearly the same height)
  4. Yep! Or in my case, dog beds on a floor of the house the dog has never been to (because he refuses the stairs)
  5. I saw the coffee wood sticks in the pet supply shop just yesterday. Made me because I was associating caffeine with a greyhound. Do they last a long time? and do they disrupt sleep (probably not )
  6. How would you get those little legs apar--Oh CRICKET the sport. got it. I've actually heard of people putting a section of clean chain in the bowl (not a bicycle chain, but maybe a thicker type--the kind to lock something with. The dog would be forced to pick at the kibble around the section of chain in the bowl. But I haven't tried this myself. Although Stanley wolfs down his food quickly, his brand of kibble has small pieces (shaped like large lentils) and somehow he doesn't take in much air. Those bowls are kind of cute though...looks like the dog is solving a little maze puzzle.
  7. Add Stanley to the list of greys who 'statue' with regularity at the beginning of walks. The reasons can vary, but this is VERY common. In Stanley's case, he is not a fan of any motor noise, be it from lawn machinery or large trucks (he is accustomed to cars however...thank goodness). Often times it isn't even a sound that I can barely hear, but maybe a lawnmower's engine on the next block, or a truck passing by on the larger road two streets away, etc. Sometimes if I walk behind him then continue on the other side of the body, he will follow.. SOMETIMES that works but not always. There's plenty of time to try all kinds of remedies when statue-ing is involved.! I also often take this opportunity to give him a quick grooming in our driveway, be it a hand-brushing/scratching or (if I can remember) bringing the grooming tool in my pocket. While he's standing still--a quick exfoliation session. Then when I'm done with making his fur fly all over the driveway, I whisper to him a quick "Okay!", begin walking and he will follow (again...'sometimes'). Don't worry, allow for extra time, and good luck!
  8. Oh funny that you mentioned Dried Cod skins-- I was seriously considering that instead of the Turkey Tendons...but balked because his food is already fish based (and so are his cookies). Thanks for the info--the 30 minute duration sounds promising but the stinkiness does not . I attached a picture of the bag of turkey tendons here... they look like thin pieces of Tempura. I considered opening the bag to get a better photo of an individual one but SOMEONE would have come running!
  9. Oh yeah, sounds like a sequel to a Children's book! (or, a very bad name for a band)
  10. Oh I should have clarified that I was referring to *dehydrated* turkey tendons ... I don't want to feed raw items indoors and Stanley doesn't have fenced-in outdoor space to enjoy a raw item outside. I have read lots of good things about turkey necks..little teeny vertebrae with no sharp edges. They sound very safe to give to greys!
  11. and I say "quick" because they are gone in short order when Stanley gets one. After reading lots of posts advising against livestock-body-part treats (bully sticks, etc) and having my Vet agree, I picked up a bag of Turkey Tendons at one of the chain pet supply stores not too long ago (I think it was Loyal Companion). My logic was that the tendons meet the Vet's pliability test (can I dent it or bend it easily with one or two fingers? if yes, then it's generally safe). They are much thinner in diameter than other chew items and I suppose have less potential for blockage if he swallows a piece towards the end of the Rapid Devouring Process. I've also given him a kong "project" where I thread a turkey tendon through both holes of the kong and shove as many little cookies inside it as possible. That adds a few more minutes of chewing time. So far so good with Stanley and the Turkey Tendons, but I'm curious if anyone else out there has tried them for their grey?
  12. My previous Greyhound Twiggy came to work with me every day, and it worked out great. And this was at a larger office ~50 people. I was mindful of co-workers who weren't big fans of dogs (in other words, weirdos ) and I tethered her to my desk. This prevented her from following me all over the place. She was able to get up, stretch, reach her water bowl and bed when I wasn't around -- which was never more than an hour or so. I never took her to meetings/conference rooms etc. Others at desks nearby kept an eye on her as well. Another advantage of this was being able to take her on midday walks (which she didn't even need--she slept ALL DAY the lazy loaf). but It was especially helpful on long work days--no stress about 'getting home in time' to take her on the evening walk. Just grab the leash and walk go outside the office. Different greys will act differently of course. I was lucky because Twiggy didn't bark, did not get nervous when I left the desk, etc. It can be done. good luck!
  13. We have a focused strategy to prevent our grey from getting onto the human furniture: Get him a dog bed that is of higher quality than the furniture. And it has worked! Orvis dog bed with a bolster around three of the four sides. Sometimes he rests his head on the bolster, and sometimes he nuzzles into the seem of it (and yeah sometimes puts his head on the floor--to stay cool I suppose). Expensive, but he loves it and stays off the couch! The human bed is no issue because he's too afraid to climb the stairs!
  14. Hello Adam, I'm in New England and had a similar experience with shelters not considering adopting outside of a certain geographical area (and in one case, directly contradicting the policy detailed on their own website! ). In my area some shelters have ceased operations (temporarily or permanently). It's probably a combination of COVID times and reduction in the number of available greys from the closure of tracks almost everywhere in the US including FL. Some shelters are getting greys from other countries such as Ireland and Spain. My previous grey was from Ireland and she was amazing. I also agree with the lurcher suggestion-- and would maybe extend your consideration to other sighthound breeds (sloughi, saluki, borzoi , Pharoah hound, Scottish Deerhound etc). Best of luck!!
  15. I am so sorry. Absolutely heartbreaking.
  16. Up until today, I could not read the members-only forums and was prompted to log in. This was despite my being logged in (username appearing in upper right corner). Logged in again, same problem. Today, everything is fine ,and I did nothing different with computer and browser (PC/Chrome). Thanks for fixing it, Jeff!
  17. oh, and to add: Stanley munches grass on a daily basis during his walks. We try to limit him for the same reasons as other have described: potential pesticide exposure. Strangely, he seems to be able to digest it just fine (no extractions required on the other end)
  18. Wow, I just learned a new word!
  19. Hi and thanks! He has paperwork from shelter's vet saying he is clear of hookworms. First appointment with his new vet is coming up in June and likely we'll have him tested again. Also...no tummy rumbles and the dog hasn't passed gas once, indoors or outdoors, in the three weeks I've had him (a dog that doesn't fart? at all? I *think* it's a real dog and not a robot.!? ). Plus it's secondary (and tertiary) poops that were a little runny. First poop of the walk has always been fairly decent. and furthermore (this is huge .... ) we have coincidentally added Olewo carrots beginning yesterday...and are (apparently) seeing results after one day (here's hoping). Good form even on second poop of the walk. WOW. At this point I'm not sure if it's the new food (phased in starting almost a week ago), or the Olewo carrots (started a day ago), or a combination thereof but today was rainy, and not runny! My grey from 20 years ago used Iams in the green bag for a while (she had to change when she got older, but had a good few years on it). I was pleasantly surprised that they still make it! It remains in back of my mind if things take a turn for the worse, but for now, things are hopefully looking solid!
  20. Doing a quick search I haven't seen many posts on this brand, so I thought I'd ask if anyone else's grey is eating Grandma Mae's Country Naturals. Stanley's shelter had him on Taste of the Wild and rotated the varieties. I continued doing this when we first adopted him so as not to disrupt things. He was doing well on it, except for a minor case of Round Two Pudding Poo (second poop of any given walk was of questionable character). I have read that this poop phenomenon is common in greys, and I even recall it happening in a lesser degree with my prior greyhound. My local independent pet supplier carries TOTW and agreed with my initial strategy while Stanley settled in, but told me about the past controversies of the parent company and added he may be discontinuing this brand in the future. I also noticed that the TOTW "Roasted Bison and Roasted Venison" variety had an apparent preponderance of water buffalo meat imported from India. Bison and Venison were ingredients number nine and ten (listed after dried yeast?!!! that's not much Bison or Venison!) This was disclosed on the package although I didn't notice at first. This sort of thing hastens my decision when I'm considering changing brands. There were other high-end brands in my neighborhood store including Fromm's and few others, including Grandma Mae's. I was still reluctant to switch brands because Stanley enjoyed the TOTW and the poop issue wasn't horrible (I've read enough posts and talked with enough other greyhound owners to know it could be a LOT worse ). I Decided to try the switch when I received a few free samples of Grandma Mae's from the shop. At this point it's important to mention that this brand is apparently owned by an association of independent pet supply stores--meaning that my neighborhood store probably has some skin in this brand. They weren't pushy about recommending it though. He's on his second bag of the chicken and brown rice formula and likes it. So far so good. Only downside so far is the price--it's not cheap. But Stanley is my only hound so I don't have to pay to feed an entire pack of greys (as much fun as that would be!). Is anyone else on GT feeding this brand? just curious! PS: Both TOTW and Grandma Mae's have smaller kibble pieces than what I recall with my prior greyhound...uniform shaped pieces kind of like vitamin tablets, rather than chunks...this is a trend nowadays? I suppose it prevents choking!
  21. Thanks MaryJane. I actually realized (I'm a little bit slow ) there is a pinned thread with an extensive list of Greytalk recommended vets (which is exactly what I was looking for, but as I said I'm a bit slow). While the list dates back a few years, I see that the Porter Square Vet in Somerville still lists the two vets on their website as actively practicing, so I will inquire there first. If that doesn't work out, I will reach out to rescue groups in the area (although I'm not sure how many are actively operating near me. Stanley comes from out of state). Thanks again
  22. Hello everyone, I'm reviving this older thread because I recently adopted again (will post to Introductions soon!) and am looking for a vet just west of Boston. We had a greyhound a while ago (Twiggy RIP), and her vet has since retired. I see the above recommendations for Dedham, but I'm looking more in area roughly between Cambridge and Waltham. Will drive farther if necessary of course, but would prefer a greyhound-experienced vet in this area. So far there are a few well-rated practices nearby but I want to get GT recommendations! Anyone in the area? Would love to hear about your vet experiences. Thanks!
  23. Hello everyone, I recently reactivated my membership after being away for a dog's age....literally. Am finally looking into getting another greyhound. Seeing some familiar usernames on here after so many years has made me smile. I hope you are well!
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