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  1. i've had him 3 nights now. I fell in love with him within 4hrs of having him at home, and i'm pretty sure he feels the same way about me. He follows me around like a shadow, regularly asking for pats, cuddles and reassurance. on the way home i bought a roast chicken and we shared it. he had the back half, i had 1 breast and wing. while eating mine i would give him little bits of the back half, he is such a very gentle eater! i got to keep all my fingers and he loved every bite. i gave him some dry food that GAP SA gave me with him, a tin of sardines, and 4 home made mini sausage rolls. he was in flavour country He's a bit thin so im willingly giving him extra to fatten him up a bit as his hips are showing and look all boney, he has ribs showing and bones in his spine. i affectionately call him "my little pony". for such a big dog he is so very gentle when eating, approaching you, he's quieter than a cat when he moves around the house. when you get out his GAP SA "L" plate jacket he gets all excited thinking its a racing number jacket. when i get his muzzle he thrusts his head in there willingly, but he's already scheduled for green collar approval on 19jan. He walks like an angel on the leash. First night i went to bed early and put him on my bed, made him lay down (he was stressing a bit as he wasnt allowed on furniture at previous home). He laid down with his head on my shoulder, curled into me. a few hours later i noticed his teeth were chattering (ive head that means he's happy) but he always gets off and sleeps on the lounge or the lounge room carpet. this is his race history (63 starts). his old man seems to be a bit of a champ (and a stud with the ladies!) BLUE CIGAR --- Form (grv.org.au) this is one of his best wins. he always seems slow out the gate in most races. (he's in box 1, red #1 jacket) WBL THU 09 MAY 19 R2 - YouTube bluey in the yellow jacket, strong out the gate, takes the lead. looks like a dog tangles with his back legs and takes him down which causes carnage (poor bugger in the blue jacket flew like a bird) BEN WED 13 MAR 19 R2 - YouTube
  2. Cheers everyone, im currently reading and learning as much as i can about any needs a GH might have compared to all my other dogs. I've just bought an elevated twin bowl food table from Kmart for 20 dollarydoo's, but think i may have to replace the fold out legs with some wood ones to make it a little bit taller. other than that its pretty good for 20 bucks. unfortunately GH can never be let free on public property, not even those dog parks after obtaining govt approved green collar status my other dogs were well trained that i could walk them off lead through a local park with a lake, and as the ducks rushed up for a feed they'd just part way like a guard of honour as me and the two big dogs casually strolled between them. my dogs knew that if they wandered off the rest of the walk was spent on a lead. after all the research and learning i've done before deciding to try a GH as pet i think its a most backwards law. I can buy a pair of pitbulls or other big powerful breed and never have to prove theyre safe without a muzzle, never have to prove they've been trained in any way at all. i could also take them straight into the dog park and let them loose with every other dog from fluffy to fido, but my GH has to be kept on a leash even after the Govt tests him and passes his green collar. seems the laws really are archaic and biased in that regard.
  3. Hi all, i've previously always kept loveable mutts (shep X rotty, shep X lab, lab X kelpie) - all dogs that were fairly chilled a relaxed in nature and great house pets. After the passing of my best mate Clyde late oct this year i was intending to not keep a dog for a while, but 2 months later i've realised my house is too quiet, and i miss the good company. With not much to choose from out there that's interesting me(without spending $1k ++) i've done a lot of research and decided to adopt a Grey from GapSA. (my first time owning a greyhound) Needing a dog that can be happy alone while i work fulltime hours, they matched me to "bluey" who was happy as an only dog, unlike many of the others i applied for which they said needed company. Bluey was never raced. He lived with a family that had active, loud, and roudy kids which stressed him out as he is very placid and quiet. he stopped eating, lost weight and was generally unhappy when he was surrendered to GAP. As a (almost 50yrs) guy who lives alone and a very quiet life just doing basic house reno' stuff my lifestyle suited him perfectly. I'm lined up to "foster to adopt" bluey on tuesday afternoon. They want him to live in his new home, gain some more weight, then he has to be returned for his teeth clean. I'm hoping to get his "green collar" asap so we can ditch the muzzle in public. Once he passes his green collar i only have to pay $100 to adopt him. He comes with collars, leads, beds, bowls, food, and a bunch of other stuff.
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