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  1. Thank you so very much. Would really like to add a greyhound to the family -- need to honor and protect current beagle family member while doing so. I was told that they do not test for cat-safe as dogs come from Florida, are seen by a vet, then adopted by thankful recipients. The man running the rescue is wonderful - very caring and knowledgeable - so I will reach out directly to him... Greyhounds are such amazing dogs.
  2. Thank you so very much for your response. These 30 greyhounds are arriving from race track in Florida - so they would not know if they are cat-safe. Our beagle is only 22 pounds and, perhaps because he a medical lab rescue beagle where he was in a cage -- since joining our family -- one of his favorite things to do is go racing through the house. Now I am worried that our Beagle would be at risk... thank you!
  3. Would a beagle be viewed as a small dog? And thus, if I adopted a rescue greyhound, the greyhound may view my beagle as prey? Thank you!
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