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  1. So...the VERY FIRST day that we had Fionn, (Mon. Dec. 7th) I got his tail caught in the door. =-(. When he came in from his walks, blood would spray EVERYWHERE!!! I took him to the vet just to meet his new vet, and get him tested for parasites. (The adoption center did not do this, as it is too cost prohibitive.). Anyway...no parasites, YAY! However, I was told that he needed the tip of his tail amputated due to me catching it in the door. $1,000.00 later (YIKES) and he is doing much better! Today (Tues. Jan. 5th) when my hubby took him out of his crate (with muzzle on because of amputatio
  2. I have been using something called Bernie’s perfect poop, and it’s helping a lot!! He still has some smelly farts, but no nearly as many as before we tried it!
  3. Thank you for posting this. Being a new pet owner, I had no idea that this even existed, so I was a little taken aback when my vet mentioned it! Thank you for enlightening me!
  4. Thank you! She (the vet) mentioned it to me, and didn’t expect an answer right away. She said it would be awhile before he donated if all the tests were okay. I just wanted to see what people in here thought about it first! =-).
  5. Thank you for your reply! This is all very new to me!
  6. Thank you! I just wasn’t sure about it, since it’s our first doggie! The vet said that if I decide to do it, it wouldn’t actually happen for awhile. He would have to be on heartworm medicine for 6 months before donating, and worm free...which he is. We just got his stool sample back.
  7. So, we just adopted our beautiful greyhound, Fionn, on Dec. 7th. We immediately scheduled a vet appointment to bring a stool sample, and just do a healthy visit. The vet suggested him giving blood. What are anyone’s thoughts on this? Is this something that greyhound owners do??
  8. Oh my goodness! My son came for Christmas, and my new to us (2 weeks) greyhound is acting very shy and anxious! Is this normal??? After a week of keeping our new grey (Fionn) in a crate, we decided to let him out to explore around our house. Since then, he has been reluctant to go into his crate on his own. We put him in there every night, he doesn’t want to go in, but he does, with no problem. Anyway...tonight, our son came for Christmas. Out grey would NOT “play” with my hubby on the floor like usual, and is very timid and shy around my son. He actually went into his cage and laid do
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