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  1. Almost 4 months! Yes things are going better at home, but she's still a bit shy and introverted - maybe it's just the way she is! But now she interacts with us and the house a bit more: we've even been playing with her ball for a few days in a row hihi (huge achievement given that she still has no idea of what to do with toys in general) and she's discovered my favourite armchair (yeah I know, goodbye armchair 😂). Ah, for treats: Luna has recently discovered peanut butter! She would do anything for that hihi
  2. Hi Benedita! First of all congratulations for your new grey! Yes they are really different from other breeds as you will see, but so adorable and crazy! It's still early days and your grey needs a bit of time to adjust to her new life. Everything is new and scary for her, but hang in there, I'm sure it will get better soon! Regarding feeding then walking, yes I do that: as your grey, my Luna struggled to get out of her bed without a strong reason to do so (what's better than food!). So after a bit of trial and error I switched to feeding first, then walking. And like you, I was so worrie
  3. Hi! I don't have any great advice unfortunately, but it's just to say that you are not alone! We are slightly behind you, having adopted Luna 3 months ago, but sometimes I feel the same: she is super quiet, likes to sleep all day, and still I haven't found a toy or activity that might interest more for let's say 5 minutes on random days. Like your Grey, she looks forward to the weekend when we go out for longer, and she loves her long walks in the woods, but for the rest it's just those 3 walks per day and little other interaction. One day she loves her ball and will play with us for a bi
  4. Ahah Grace sounds amazing! Same here, I've brought Luna a ton of coats, knitted one myself, and another one is on its way now -I never learn!- but she only tolerates a light waterproof coat only if it is pouring down! She gives me the same "I'm not nesh" look (thank you, I learnt a new word today!) and stops walking until I take her coat off, even if she's shaking from the cold 🤷‍♀️ And same thing this morning: it was freezing, I wanted to go home but no, let's check out every single bush and sniff every corner! We actually stayed out longer than usual 🙄 What a silly, totally adorable lit
  5. Hi again! Sorry to bother you again but I have another update, this time a bit weird though: after a nice and relaxing weekend where she followed us around from room to room while we we busy doing other stuff (never I'm the kitchen though) and some long lovely walks, tonight we had a super strange twist. We called her to the kitchen to give her some leftover roast chicken but she ignored us, as usual. I want her to feel comfortable again in the kitchen as before, so we left the treats in her food bowl and went on with our evening. At some point, she went to the kitchen alone, ate the food, and
  6. Hi! Unfortunately I don't have any experience with sprinkles, and it's still early days with my grey (just 2 months!) so possibly entirely different situation, but she went through a phase where she refused to walk too after a firework went off really close to us and scared us all to death! Like you, I thought that going out with our neighbour's dog that she always followed around everywhere (in the traffic, in busy supermarkets car parks, in the dark) would solve the issue again, and instead on that particular she did her worst! She refused to walk every few steps, freezing constantly
  7. Ah that gives me hope! Somehow my partner managed to pull her up last night without strangling her like it happened with me (maybe because he's taller), so we might try this again when everything else fails or when it's dragging on for too long. I agree with you that she's developing this weird fear and probably my behaviour is encouraging it rather than fixing it. I will report back! Thank you again for all your help!
  8. Oh wow, Oh wow that is really a record!! Me too @Legendaryfrank, I'm always worried when the 8th hour mark approaches and I start to insist that now it's really really really the time to go
  9. Awww I'm loving this thread, thank you all for the nice replies and keep them coming please! Lots of good tips and nice ideas and activities to try (dog door! I've only ever seen a cat door!), thank you so much. I hope we'll find our own pattern soon, but it's good to have at least an idea. And you're right guys, I should be more relaxed about this because as 1Moregrey said, if everything fails it's just some floor clean up, not really a big deal!
  10. @Feefee147 ahah yes, just a bit of snow, and even a thundersnow last night that scared the ** out of everyone! It was so loud and Luna was obviously not impressed, we've been awake since 4 this morning I'm doing pretty much everything that you mentioned, except for the whistle, with mixed success: I'm still trying to find a toy that would keep her interest alive for more than let's say 3 seconds eheh, she doesn't seem to be into toys but maybe I still have to find the one! I'm planning I trip to the pet shot this weekend so we'll see. @HeyRunDog you know, you might be right.
  11. So as some of you might already know, I'm experiencing some difficulties in convincing my sweet girl that it's time to go out either for toilet or for a walk. I read that consistency it's very important, especially at the beginning (it's been 2 months today!!), so I'm trying to stick to a schedule - failing mostly eheh! This is how ours looks like: -We get up at 8:00, go for a 20/30 minutes walk then breakfast -We try again to go out for quick toilet break between 13:00 and 14:00, sometimes she's up for it but often she's not -We try again to go out for toilet and longer wa
  12. @1Moregrey Sorry for the late reply, I missed the notification. Thank you so much for the suggestion, that sounds really useful! I’ll have a look, thanks. Adaptil and calming chews are now on their way, and in the meantime I’m trying different things: giving her treats and praise when we put the lead on and leave it on at random times, leaving a trail of treats to the door when it's time to go and scattering treats near the door at random times. I've noticed that she's a bit less stressed about the entire thing now, and she spends considerably less time at the door, only slightly shaking.
  13. Perfect thank you! I'm ordering it now. Ahah yeah, same here! I always worry a lot for the same reasons: is she happy? Is she bored? Am I actually helping her or just making things worse? And so on... the thing is, it's been only 2 months but I already adore her so much and I just want her to feel safe and happy. Thank you so much for the lovely message, it means a lot!
  14. Thank you so much for the replies, they are really helpful! I'll give it a go then. @HeyRunDog that is really encouraging! Quick question: how do you use the diffuser? Do you keep it plugged in all day or just for a few hours/minutes? @smurfette that sounds like with my Luna now! Can I just ask you which ones you bought? Thank you all again, it is really reassuring knowing that you've all been there before and things can improve!
  15. Thank you so much for your advice, that's super helpful! And I'm glad to hear that your grey improved, it gives me hope! You're right, time and patience is what we need now. It's really a shame because it feels like all the progress made in the first month went out of the window as soon as the first firework went off! And yes, it's been ridiculous this year, even if we live in a quiet area. But I recognise that it's also my fault: I really underestimated the impact that fireworks could have had on her, so I didn't take any precautions (like expose her to recorded sounds in advance), and now we
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