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  1. Hello! I have had my greyhound for 2 months now. She is 6. She has had no accidents in the house until recently. We have been at my parents for two weeks now - the past two days she has peed inside. Once in the AM and once in the PM. I am wondering if this is cause to be concerned since it is something she has never done or if it is a new environment / more house (we live in an apt) . Also concerned maybe it is a UTI... I am a new greyhound owner so I am not sure!
  2. my grey had a small rash on her that has since faded but she has this dark lump on her stomach. is this a tick?? or any ideas on what it is? i tried to remove but no luck. she doesn’t seem bothered by it.
  3. I noticed this odd rash on my greyhound tonight, she’s not itching it or anything...any ideas on what this could be?
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