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  1. Sounds like he is overwhelmed with his new surroundings. The first few days they are kinda in shock and just follow the leash. Then they start to freeze as they adjust process the new things. So this sounds normal. Is it possible to have a window open during the day even for a little bit to get used to the new sounds. Is there a quiet time in the city to get him outside even if it is really early or late to pee/poo and just slowly get used to things. You may just need to load him into the truck to do like you are doing and spend some time just freezing so he can get used to the s
  2. Poor guy he probably thought the house was out to get him. If I was a dog I would be scared too. Think of it as someone who has been in a tornado or earthquake going back to the scene is scary especially since it came out of nowhere for him. Several things to break down his fear: sound of the water in the pipes, sound of the shower running being in his safe place and disturbed I would start by moving him to a new room to sleep for a while and see if that helps with night time panting and restless. Then since he is food motivated: 1 take him into the bathroom dur
  3. Do you have a stool guard on the muzzle? It will keep him from being able to pickup things with his muzzle on but still and drink. Might be worth a try while you figure out what is going on.
  4. If I know all his needs have been met (potty, has enough activity for the time, etc). Sometimes they just need to whine to get over it. one foster that was a bounced, I was told she sleeps through the night. First night she whined all night not constant. Just the really frustrating every 20 min from 10pm till 5am. Just enough to let me think I might get to sleep...... Nope the first time it happened she went to to potty... then she just had to deal with it. It took a few nights then went away. I think I was the first place she was an only dog. Her adopter went through a similar tran
  5. Then you are doing it right. Can I offer a suggestion to help get some exercise. If you feed dry kibble and it is nice outside. Have one person go outside with half or a fourth of his meal and spread it out in the garden he will have fun searching for his meal. If he eats it all up you can do more just do not want to leave uneaten food in the garden to attract unwanted visitors. Do put a word on it maybe “find” what every you want. So he gets a command and will learn it is ok to eat things he find. Will help later when you are on walks for him to leave the road kill at the side of the r
  6. Welcome just wanted to offer a hug, a shoulder, and an ear. Sometimes we just need to vent and share our fears and concerns to feel better. If I can share some stories and a few tips hope they give you some light at the end of your tunnel. For me greyhounds temperament and behavior are closer to a show horse than a typical shelter dog or the in your face hunting breed. When they first come off of the track in the US. would imagine similar to your dog but not sure. Meaning they have a routine of being out and active and the center of everything. Followed by time in there crate/sta
  7. Sorry about your cat, prayers for a speedy recovery.
  8. My last gh stopped getting into the car and she loved car rides. It turned out she had lumbosarcral stenosis.
  9. Just have to state the obvious please keep a muzzle on at all times unless the cat and greyhound are securely separated. A slow quiet introduction where the cat is calm (not running around or flicking the tail) for a few minutes at a time is a good place to start. It can take a long time and a lot of slow work to get it done. That said, I had a cat correctable foster that was ok for a few months, then became obsessed with the chase. She and the cat were never allowed out at the same time. Her pray drive was just to much and she lied 🤥 on her cat test. Try to see if your adoption
  10. When two of mine were donors they got free blood for life if they needed it for giving. Was a nice benefit that thankfully I never had to use.
  11. Thanks for the responses Picture is not her foot just for example why no bag balm? I had not thought of the smell being an issue. I will have to do a smell test and see what she has issues with before I buy something. Great tip! As we are on the slow bonding path. She was not happy with the dressing changes as our first bonding experience going on for three months. So still working on paw handling nice to know there is a reason she does not like her paw or nails touched.
  12. On the tip of the pad just under where the nail starts to curve down it is really dry. This is not her foot she got up when I tried to pick hers up. Where the purple is under the nail it is dry and pulling up towards the nail like a hang nail for us kinda. And a crack on the other purple line.
  13. Looking for paw pad protection. Poor Journey has had a rough start to retirement. Allergic to spay stitches, hookworms, the cone of shame that did not go away. Sensitive paws toes well I finally got a good look today and they are cracked hard by the nails and one has a dry crack across it. No wonder she gave me a black eye for trying to look at them. I am soaking in Epsom salts which she does not fight so must feel good 😌. I can not find the spray I used before to condition the pads. So what is your favorite or not product and why. Thanks for your advice
  14. I agree with greysmom, With my first greyhound I got 5 of a behavior a day did not matter if she did them on her own or if I asked for them. She was not food motivated at all I did behavior shaping at home and took her to obedience class 6 months later to proof her before her Therapy dog test. So she knew how to do everything. We were on the small dog mat as she did not get the concept of walking in a circle fast to go nowhere. The walk sit walk drill she would do the first then turn into a cow that had never been lead statue no amount of anything could move her until the last one was cal
  15. I am new to the hookworms too, have had greyhounds since 1990. So far have done three rounds of Panacur and went from a 3+ to a 1+ then changed vets (she has greyhounds) and did Advantage Multi twice. Will get a fecal check around the 17th. I picked up my dog end of September. The hookworms no only live in the intestine/colon but do a larva leak into the muscle sometimes then they can become active hatch and reinfect the dog. So it can take a long time to get over them. I was told that once they get to a low level almost gone then the heartworm combo meds can be used with good result
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