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  1. https://share.icloud.com/photos/08opKb4NUqPJNF0LlPE6J9y0w here he has some free range as well
  2. I uploaded 2 videos from my pup having his zooms. Based on them, It doesn’t really look like, that he decided yet to go full speed. His body structure also is not 100% proportioned yet, which could be also a fact. I will never send him racing anyway, however I was wondering „how quick“ this is compared to other 5 1/2 month old greyhound / whippets https://share.icloud.com/photos/0XqSNqilnhfwaGPpK818N2fOg https://share.icloud.com/photos/0Lve08E-HJQwGt45SwuyOLKyQ
  3. Hey together, i was wondering at what age does a greyhound reaches its full speed potential. I have a whippet / Greyhound mix at 5 1/2 months of age and he loves running for sure, but I was wondering if he’s already at his full speed potential? He is kinda massive compared to other puppys in his age (raw diet) and will grow even much bigger than now. he Is not overweight, but Definetly one of its bulkier kind.
  4. Thanks for that advice. the vet wasn’t also concerned and her words are reflecting more or less what you guys say as well. he has a very high energy level at peak times, but is also able to take naps for quite a long time. In his peak level times he just runs by himself around the living room, or wants me to play fetch with hi.
  5. hey guys! my little boy is a greyhound / whippet mix and now 14 1/2 weeks of age and weights 9.5KG. Since I set him on a balanced raw food diet, he is increasing weight and size very quickly. (1KG in 3 days last time). He is now at 9.5KG Body weight, however he doesn’t really look fat to me, i would say even muscular. what do you think based on the photos ?
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