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  1. Back from the vet—putting this down just in case anyone else wonders about the tarsal break plates and issues with them. It’s infected, scheduling surgery to pull it out. Don’t know how long (he’s a pretty stoic guy, it was fine no open wound when we checked it last a few days prior)—basically though once that plate is infected, vet says very difficult to keep it from staying that way. No thoughts yet on amputation, they’re pretty sure they can just pull the plate out. we just adopted another gray a week or so ago and we are 90% positive his is also infected (it looked
  2. We adopted a grey in June that had the tarsal injury repaired in mid-March—he banged it open once, we wrapped it, it healed, but he has extremely thin skin—even for a grey it seems. tonight, we noticed him licking the spot, which he hasn’t really done much, and noticed that there was a shiny bit sticking through the skin, like it had rubbed the skin off. It’s not swollen or very red, just like there’s loose skin with a little hole. we are going to call the vet in the morning and see what they say, but wanted to see if anyone has experience with that.
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