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  1. I did and the vet ran tests and couldn’t find anything. They gave me pills to give him but he ate it once or twice and refused to eat it even when I crushed it and put it in his food. They told me to give him white rice and chicken and he kept throwing that up but I’ve never tried ground turkey. I did egg white and sweet potato and he did good on that until he refused to eat anymore lol so I switched back to kibble with olewo carrots around Tuesday I probably switched too fast but he seems to be doing fine now. Hopefully he stays that way.
  2. He definitely settled down after going outside to use the bathroom again. A few weeks ago I gradually changed his food to Diamond Naturals salmon and potato he did good for about a week then last week he had diarrhea and vomiting. He’s been doing fine since Tuesday but maybe it’s bothering him again. Have you ever had a dog to have a delayed reaction to change in food?
  3. I felt around his body and he didn’t show any signs of pain. He is also not limping or showing signs of a stiff neck. He went outside around 4:30 am and came back in and settled down. I think his stomach was hurting him. He had diarrhea last week so maybe still some effects.
  4. Around 10:00 pm tonight my greyhound jumped up out of his bed like something scared him. He then proceeded to lay back down. A few minutes later he did it again. This time he stood by the door to go outside. After he came back inside he refused to lay down. He has three beds and would not lay on any of them. He has had these beds for a long time and has never had a problem. It is now after midnight and he is walking around and crying. I did get him to lay down but he got right back up as soon as I waked away and started crying again. The only thing I can think of is that he is pain but how cou
  5. Hi all, I have had my Greyhound for 3 months now and I have been through a range of emotions. I would like to first off start by saying a adopted him in a very hasty manner. I had been thinking about getting a greyt for a few years but finally a few months ago my life was in the perfect state for a dog. When I called the adoption agencies none were available and they did not know when they would have any. I finally found an agency that had a dog available but when I went to pick him up he displayed several behaviors I did not like and I almost did not take him. Nipping, jumping, etc. I re
  6. Hi Gretchen, I recently adopted a 4 year old male greyhound. I have a very rambunctious one year old who regularly visits me and will often stay for a week at a time. My greyt does really well with her and has never jumped on her. I allow her to give him treats (she throws it but has let him take it out of her hand) and pet him. He loves to sniff and lick her. I'd also like to mention that he has moderate energy levels and will jump when he gets overly excited but has never done it to the baby. When he first met her he seemed to get really stressed when she cried and would always go to ma
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