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  1. Excellent points. Very telling to know that other groups don’t adopt out to the <5 yo crowd. Thank you!
  2. Right, I did. But I think the self-closing hinge might solve the problem. I’m mostly just looking to hear others’ stories about greyhound temperaments. On one of the boards here, someone said “They won’t let kids do whatever to them —they’re not golden retrievers!” That scared me. I’m working with an adoption agency and have spoken to 5 individuals from the group and they’ve all been supportive of a greyhound joining a family with small children. I wanted to do my due diligence and ask a wider internet audience since we’re afraid the agency is in “sales mode.” Hope that makes sense. Thanks!
  3. We have a 5yo boy and 16mo daughter and are considering adopting. No other animals in the house. As with most families right now we are mostly homebound and feel like it would be a good time for a dog. Husband WFH now (and always), I stay home with the kids. I’d love for the kids to grow up with a dog. Anyone have a good or bad experience to share? Thanks!!
  4. Oye! Maybe we need a goldfish. 😂 Although I do think the self-closing hinge is a possible solution. 🤷‍♀️
  5. Thanks all the input. I’m plugging hard for the grey but my hubs wants a golden retriever who he feels “are less complicated.” Stay tuned! The grey community is awesome too, not just the dogs.
  6. Great thought. Thank you. Are greys always itching to get out and if someone opens the door, boom! Or is it less dramatic? My sister has a poodle mix and as soon as people come over she has to hold him back from jumping on people and then running out the door. Greys don’t seem that way, but I don’t have one so I’m not too sure.
  7. Hi all - We are considering adopting a 6yo brood mom. However we have a 5yo son and 16mo daughter. My son always leaves the front door open. Are greyhounds not for us? We have a fully fenced backyard and live on a fairly quiet culdesac. Everything except this flight risk issue seems to fit our lifestyle (husband WFH, goes for a lot of walks by himself). And we know that greys are great with kids. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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