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  1. He was very gracious and willing to look at her information, but am still working on getting it sent from the vet. FNA from the spleen came back as hematopoiesis, however the FNAs from the epaxial muscles came back as poorly exfoliating sarcoma. Unable to tell exactly which without a biopsy, however she already has multifocal metastatic disease without a known primary. We are heartbroken.
  2. We have an 11.5 yo female who one month ago developed seemingly spontaneous extensive bruising on the inside of both hind legs, R>L, that over the course of a day spread up into her inguinal area and lower abdomen. She also had moderate edema on the R hind. She seemed sore and was lame. We thought maybe torn gracilis (pics looked like what google brings up for that in a grey). We took her in and they did bloodwork. Ddimer was a little elevated. She was still ambulatory - if slightly stiff- but interested in food, alert, etc. Her other labs showed what I now know to be a fair bit of anemi
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