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  1. Thank you, Cleptogrey, for your tips and links. I'll definitely check them out. I've seen a similar video on Youtube for the "touch" and I will do a few tests to see how it goes!
  2. Hi Greysmom, and thanks for your advice. You are write, I was unclear in my post and I did mean anti-anxiety medication. By "chilled" I meant to describe her body language as mellow or low-energy most of the time. She is indeed very anxious around certain triggers like running/active small children or the stairwell of my building that has a very strong echo each time someone opens a door or uses the elevator (to name only a couple). I laughed reading your use of the word "staff." I am definitely the live-in physical therapist giving her little massages when she is sprawled on my couch ;-)
  3. Hello, I adopted a 7 year-old brood bitch 3.5 months ago who is very sweet and extremely chilled. After seeing a behaviorist and several vets my dog is now on a low-intensity anti-depressant but only for a few days, so no results for a while and we're taking things slowly and very carefully. She is still adapting to city life after being in a kennel her whole life surrounded only by Greys. I would like to train her on basics for her own safety rather than anything else (stay, come, leave it) but I am struggling with her lack of interest. I use a peppy voice, I give a lot of affection as r
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