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  1. Thanks for replies....I've checked the site for 'helpmeup.com' but the dogs shown in their video do not appear to have the severe disability my grey is experiencing? They seem to be able to walk okay just needing someone to lift them? Our grey has gotten to the point she seems almost incapable of walking, not just the ability to lift herself? But I will check with our vet first thing to get his diagnosis. Thanks again!
  2. Okay this evening I've had to carry her down the stairs, then out to the grass to relieve herself. She made her way stumbling to the deck but I carried her back inside. She is really struggling to get up or move, so I guess a call to the vet is necessary. I hate to think this might be the end for her?
  3. Our grey Stormie just turned 14yr old and has developed 'shaky legs' these past few months and now she just wants to lie down all the time making a beeline for a bed wherever in or out. I no longer take her for walks since she cannot handle it but let her out to the yard but she soon finds a spot to lie down. Just recently it has become quite severe almost unable to support herself, I've been carrying her up the short flight of stairs and this past week bringing her dishes to her since she is having such difficulty. I'm surmising a trip to the vet is necessary at this stage although her last
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