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  1. I'm sure she does! Food is her number one obsession - I've never known such a greedy hound! – and she's pretty smart. That's a good idea, thanks!
  2. Thank you, MerseyGrey. Unfortunately she's too heavy for me to lift but I will try the circling thing (and keep the treats handy too!). She's my third greyhound and is definitely the quirkiest… a real little character!
  3. I’ve had Auburn (2 1/2) for 7 months now and she’s settled in really well – she’s clever, super-affectionate and very chilled, although she can be naughty, cheeky and stubborn – but I love that about her too! She’s occasionally statued on walks when I wouldn’t let her go the way SHE wanted to, but it wasn't a major issue… however, about 10 days ago she suddenly froze at the end of her morning walk after I wouldn’t let her eat dog puke off the ground (I told her to “leave it” and lured her away with a treat, I didn't drag her). She unfroze when I let her walk back in the direction o
  4. Thank you for your replies EllenEveBaz and HeyRunDog. That's a good idea about another dog's poop – our boy peed all over the back yard but I used to disinfect it regularly and had done so just before we brought our girl home so there was no smell left to tell her this was where she could go. I wonder if getting a friend to bring their dog over to use the backyard (once she's a bit more settled) would work. I tried taking her out of another door yesterday and she was a lot happier about that so maybe whatever spooked her happened when we were going out of the back gate? It's a narrow enclos
  5. Hi everyone, I used to be a member of this forum many years ago and got some greyt suggestions when my first hound had stomach issues, so I wanted to ask for some advice about our new girl. My husband and I adopted her 10 days ago, after unexpectedly having to say goodbye to our darling greyhound boy who we’d had for 7 1/2 years. She’s a recently retired racer who has just turned 2. She’s our third hound and overall she’s doing really well – she’s calm in the house, and a real cuddle monster. We’re quietly getting on with life around her so she can get used to the daily routine, and
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