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  1. I've decided emerald green is the color for my light brindle girl! I think this silly video from her Instagram is the best full body + collar view: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLFYDsCAgUq/ (no idea how to embed pics here!)
  2. I got the collar online, but from Chewy which is a verified retailer so can't imagine it's a fake--might well just be a dud though. Will give Bayer a call on Monday. Thanks for the tips! (And good to know this is not normal!)
  3. Oh dear, you've somehow managed to make me more paranoid!! I don't *think* I have an actual tick infestation in the house vs. ones just dropping off the dog once she comes inside, but I will be vacuuming every crevice and spraying Adams Flea & Tick Spray just in case!! (I can at least confidently say it's not the vacuum cleaner as mine is bagless and I clean out the plastic canister after every use--what a nightmare that must have been!) Brushing/lint rolling before coming inside is a great tip though, thank you! From my other research, it seems like tick season drops off in Nov
  4. Hi amazing forum folks, hoping you can help me out with some tick advice. I've had a Seresto collar on Pauli since August 1, shortly after adopting her, and she hasn't taken it off/been bathed/gone swimming at any point since then. At first it seemed to be working well, as I was finding a number of dead ticks on her bed--unpleasant, but if they're dead the collar is doing its job! I noticed more dead ticks seemed to appear when we walked in a certain area, so started avoiding that area, and things were going well. Starting in mid-September, however, things started getting much wors
  5. Just chiming in with a bit of optimism re: the alarm method! I had this issue when I adopted Pauli back in July, and the alarm trick worked for me. The first couple of weeks were tough, pushing the time back 5-10 minutes every few days, but by the time we got to 6am, it was easy to get to 6:30, then 7, and now she lets me sleep in until 8am and doesn't even mind if I hit the snooze button A couple of other things I did that might have helped (based on helpful suggestions from past threads by the amazing people in this forum): - Bedtime snack (her last half-cup of kibble) to keep he
  6. Thank you both! Was looking for a fit guide but couldn't find it on their website, glad you're a better internet sleuth than I am! Her name is Pauli--I can't figure out how to post a picture, but her Instagram is @pauliindc for the photo tax
  7. Hi all! First off I want to say a quick thank you to everybody, both the newbies posting tons of questions and the experienced folks answering. This forum has been an amazing resource for the first few months of greyhound ownership, and it's so reassuring to see that almost every question/issue I've had has been asked, answered, and overcome by lots of people before me. Finally, a question that I don't think has been answered before, though! My girl has gained some weight (a good thing, she was underweight at adoption and is now back up to her racing weight!) and I'm concerned that her h
  8. Wow, so jealous! Was hoping my girl would be a soccer fan (named her Pauli after FC St Pauli), but she goes and sleeps in the other room every time I have a game on... I think she doesn't like it when I yell at the TV
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