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  1. Good morning, Our 7 year old grey is vomiting clear yellow liquid and grass. This happened 5 times this morning--relatively small amounts. Her tummy is making roiling noises. Should I feed her chicken and rice and avoid normal food? I read that Famotidine can be helpful. How much would you give, and how would you administer it if she's not eating? Thanks all.
  2. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Looks like the hammock or foam blocks are excellent options!
  3. Hi Greytalk, We recently adopted a previously homed greyhound who has for several years ridden exclusively in an SUV. Apparently she looked forward to her roadtrips and was not in the least bit nervous in the previous owner's RAV 4. When we adopted her a couple of months ago and tried to put her in my Camry for the first time, she became very anxious, and has remained that way on subsequent rides to the vet, etc. She trembles all over, won't get up on the backseat and insists on standing on the floor in the backseat, which is very unsafe. She really doesn't want to get into the
  4. Hi Cleptogrey, I don't think the HOA will accept the turkey or deer fencing, so I was looking for alternatives to that. If I understand you correctly, you are saying that you start with the 6ft turkey wire and then remove it once you're confident the dog won't jump. Is that right? Thanks, Doglover
  5. Thanks, I should have said that the dog we are adopting has been in a home for almost 4 years and is being returned due to a move. It isn’t a jumper. Thanks
  6. Hello, We have purchased a new home with a Texas Metal fence,, which looks like this: https://www.wayfair.com/outdoor/pdx/4-ft-texas-metal-gate-pvcf1016.html We are planning to adopt a greyhound, and one of the adoption groups said that a dog may be able to squeeze through the ballisters (which are only 4 inches apart, so I was a bit skeptical). In your experience, can a 75 lb greyhound squeeze through a fence like this? If so, do you think that a puppy bumper pillow around the neck would keep a dog from squeezing through? See links below for visuals (and a video in the second link).
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