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  1. Hi everyone, Our greyhound (5 years old) started limping out of the blue and we noticed she had a big hole in the paw pad on her back left leg. We've soaked her paw in epsom salts to draw anything out and it looks clean. We've been applying some paw balm and keeping her off her feet as well. It's been a week and she is now walking much better but I wanted to know if there is anything else we can do to speed up the healing process? She has a lot of nervous energy and not being able to take her on walks/have a big play seems to really be getting on her nerves. We've tried booties but she c
  2. Hi everyone! We noticed a thin clear slimy string of vaginal discharge this morning. Haven't seen this before and wanted to know if anyone has experienced this and if it is something we can monitor at home or of we should take her to the vet. Our lovely grey is 5 years old and was spayed around 7 months ago. She doesn't have any difficulty peeing/accidents and haven't seen any excessive licking or blood in her urine either.
  3. Unfortunately when we got Skelly her tail was amputated (we were told by the shelter she broke it during her racing days). But she definitely got what little she has left of it tucked in when she's sitting
  4. Haha! I love these stories of silly sitters. Really interesting about their back legs become less tight - definitely makes sense! I managed to be quick enough to take a picture of her latest sitdown to share. I do think Skelly looks quite pleased with herself
  5. This was the exact same situation that we had with our adopted grey Skelly. We were out for hours trying to get her to do her business and coax her out of her freezes. She is a particularly anxious dog to begin with so any slight changes in wind, cars driving by or sound would set her off and she just wouldn't be able to concentrate on doing her business. She's good as gold now (we've had her for almost 6 months) but definitely took some perseverance. For the freezing we found that crouching low next to her and just talking to her calmed her down enough to unfreeze enough to c
  6. It's the strangest thing! We've had her for a little less than 6 months now and we weren't sure if it was a new silly side of her personality we hadn't seen before. She does it on the sofa (the wrong way around as well facing the back wall haha) and on her bed. Fingers crossed it's just one of her funny quirks/a new trick and nothing more sinister!
  7. Hi everyone, Our lovely grey Skelly is 5 years old and for the past 2 days she has been sitting! We find it very curious as she's never just sat down before unless she had an itch to get to and we haven't trained her how to sit (we taught her how to lie down though). But all of a sudden she will be mooching around the flat and take a little sit down to watch us cooking or working and start back up again. Everything else in her behaviour is fine but we're curious to know if anyone else has experienced this before?
  8. Thank you both! Will keep an eye on them and fingers crossed nothing more is needed.
  9. Also just to add that there hasn't been any change in her behaviour. She is as lovely as ever, smiling, very excited for her belly rubs, walks and food!
  10. Thanks for sharing! I've added a photo (unfortunately the quality is not that great as there is a size limitation to attachments.) The lump isn't bleeding, no redness and doesn't seem to be causing her any discomfort or itching. She is a light brindle so she has quite a few speckled egg spots on her skin in general. There is no hair on the lump either. She is very prone to skin tags so I'm not sure if this is related to that somehow? The lump is hard but i can move it around quite freely.
  11. Thanks for sharing! It could potentially be a sebaceous cyst or maybe a histiocytoma based on the descriptions. I'll try and see if I can find some images to match it to what Skelly has.
  12. Hi, Our lovely grey Skelly is 5 years old and we've had her for about 4 months. When she arrived she had a little lump on her back thigh. We took her to the vet and she was put on some steroids/antibiotics and the lump reduced considerably in size. We were told to just keep an eye on it and it has now almost completely dissapeared. However she has gotten two new lumps on her back, they are like perfect little raised hard circles and a little smaller than a pea. She doesn't have any discomfort when I touch them and doesn't even seem to have noticed them. Does anyone have any idea what the
  13. Hi everyone, Our lovely grey Skelly is around 5 years and we have had her for about 4 months now. She's been doing great but as we came back from her morning walk we noticed her ears and paws are quite cold. It is around 12 degrees celcius in London this morning - should she be wearing a coat? We were under the impression that she only needed a coat if it was under 10 degrees according to some of the other answers we've seen for similar questions on here. Any recommendations on whether we should be putting a coat on her? Or any other ideas of what it could be? Thanks!
  14. Hello, Our lovely grey Skelly has just turned 5 years old and we have had her for a little less than 4 months. She has just started exhibiting some new scratching behaviour over the past week that we have never seen before. She has been scratching her chin/neck a lot (about 4 or 5 times a day for a few minutes) with her back legs. She has also been rubbing her face against our sofa and her bed. I have been checking her fur and haven't seen any sign of fleas or ticks. Her appetite is still really strong so I don't think there is a dental issue. The area on her neck that she has been s
  15. Thanks everyone for the helpful suggestions! I am super pleased to share that our lovely Skelly is letting me sleep to 6:30am now and hasn't made a single noise during the night for the past few days. So very proud of her!
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