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  1. You have a silken?? Ahh. I'd love to have one.
  2. Hey Locket! Thank you so much! I am hoping to get a wire coated galgo to avoid scrapes 😅 but uh, I'm glad I asked lol. Good to know Galgos too have thin skin even with added fur. I hope your Galgo is doing ok all things considered.
  3. Since I'm trying to understand Galgos better. Some more...I guess some more superficial questions? Definitely not a deal breaker by any means but yeah...superficial. Are they kind of dogs that will follow you around the house? Or more like cats? I had a cat that would sleep around the house during the day but in the afternoon and night would come sleep with me. How does their hair feel? I heard greyhounds are softer but curious. Last question, are they as prone to greys with loosing hair? I've seen some Galgos with less hair or thinner hair on their bellies but some not a
  4. Thanks everyone for the help! For those of you who've had a puppy Galgo, what were experiences with having them? I'm not set on a puppy, I would love a young dog but I'm open to other suggestions.
  5. thank you! I am only worried as I'll most likely be living alone. I talked to Galgo De Sol and they didn't adopt to people who were new to the breed or who lived alone, if I remember correctly.
  6. I know, I don't mind the rain, snow I can deal with. With Greys I've heard too many stories of them injuring themselves or cutting themselves because of their thin skin. I've heard stories of them breaking their tails by wagging it too hard against the wall. Or spraining their legs from getting up too fast. I'm not saying this won't happen with Galgos. I've just heard they're less fragile than greys. Hope that helps
  7. I am in the US. I like that the Galgo are more energetic, I want a dog that will "make" me exercise. Galgos needing exercise will help me get out more. I'm a homebody usually but I want to stay in shape.
  8. I am in the US. I am not looking at the moment, this is a year or so out. I would be in NYC when I am ready for a dog.
  9. Hi everyone! I'm very new to this forum but I wanted to post. So I am still a year or so out from being ready but I want to get as much information as possible. I am 90% set that my first dog will be a black Galgo (love black dogs, cats, anything in that color). Anyway, I thought I would ask what has been your experience bringing a Galgo home vs a Grey? I can't find much information on Galgos in homes specifically. More than likely I will be living in an apartment in a major city, it would have an elevator. But I was thinking of training stairs for the dog in the emergency stai
  10. Thank you!! I was just asking! No boy yet :). But thank you!! I will definitely keep in mind of the routine of course. But I definitely like the advice I saw here or elsewhere (I don't remember haha) to treat them like a puppy - keep a routine and lots of praise. I was definitely going to tether them to me regardless but this definitely reinforced me willingness to do so.
  11. What if you live in an apartment? How do you train that? Especially if you're in a high rise. With a yard an elevator ride down?
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