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  1. Thank you all for the links and suggestions. I went out today to buy a harness and tried to acclimate him to it but within 10 seconds he was freaking out, so I will try a different style tomorrow. He has been sleeping/hiding in his crate the majority of the day but seems to be doing ok. My vet said I shouldn’t walk him because of my head but I have no one else to, so I’ve been feeding him with a Kong to give him some stimulation (I’ll resume walking when I get a good harness). Greysmom, I will definitely look into the anti anxiety meds when I take him in to the vet Monday, thank you. Thanks to
  2. Hi BatterseaBrindl, Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, it was the martingale that the adoption center gave to me when I got him... I thought I tightened it enough because I know he’s scared but I guess not. He did bolt backwards, but it was unexpected because he did walk towards the lab initially and let it approach him. He’s always kind of just ignored other dogs too so I didn’t foresee this coming. He did yelp a bit too. Just not 100% what to do because now I’m scared to take him on walks.
  3. Hey everyone, I posted on here once before about my greyhound’s fear issues, but I could use some more advice (everyone was extremely helpful who commented on the other post). I was out on a walk with my greyhound last night who’ve I had for about 3 weeks now. He was doing ok, still quite hesitant and “statuing” when we got to certain places. Everything was normal and I was back across the street from my house when really it all went wrong. He saw a super sweet black lab (who he’s seen about 4 times before) but this time he lost it and bolted backwards and pulled me to the ground twice.
  4. Hello everyone! I have never used this site before, but am looking for some advice! Two weeks ago I brought home my very first retired racer, and he's amazing. I know there is definitely an adjustment period that can last much longer than these 2 weeks, but as a first time greyhound (and dog in general) owner I just want to make sure my new bud is doing ok. As the title of this post states, he is pretty much scared of everything (I'm assuming because everything is new to him?). Other than myself, he is terrified of nearly everyone and tries to run and/or hides behind me, whines/yelps in
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