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  1. Hi Rae! I was just curious how things ended up working out for you and Jumper? We had a similar incident with our pup this week and would love to know! The posts and support on this thread was also very helpful.
  2. There are so many thoughtful and reassuring posts here that I'm not sure I have much to add, but having been in your position I know how much every bit of feedback can help, so: I have been there!! Try to give yourself a break and give your pup a break. It's a big change and you both need to adjust, and don't stress about setting a strict precedent in these first few days or even weeks. Dogs are adaptable and we all know that they change so much over these first few months. You can start training in earnest in a week or so when you feel on more solid ground. As far as overnights, in my ex
  3. Thank you so much for your posts, I wanted to come back here and post in case anyone else is (like me) searching for reassuring threads in the future! It's been 1 month since we brought our new greyhound home and the 2 dogs are doing so well together. The first week was difficult b\ut it's been getting better and better as the days have passed and now they are very happy roommates (if not friends yet, lol). A few things helped us settle everyone in so I thought I'd share, of course I'm no expert and your mileage may vary. 1. We have plenty of beds and places for the dogs to be
  4. Thank you! That is so interesting -- ours is definitely doing audible clicking moreso than ever before. Poor baby! 24 teeth! It's amazing how they recover though.
  5. Just wanted to post an update in case anyone stumbles upon this in the future and finds it helpful. Our greyhound went on gabapentin and an antibiotic in advance of her appointment with a dental specialist. She had nine extractions and her little face swelled up like a balloon. After a day or two she recovered well. But the spasms have continued in the months since, albeit very mildly and infrequently. Our vet has kept her on gabapentin and thinks it could be something she started doing in response to the severe dental issues and now has stuck around as a little tic at this point. I'll update
  6. We've had our wonderful first greyhound, an 8/yo female, for almost 5 years. Can't believe we held out this long but we were finally ready this year to adopt a second greyhound. We brought our first dog with us to the kennel and introduced her to a bunch of greys, asked the staff's advice on their interactions, and found ourselves a very affectionate boy who is not even 2 and very recently off the track. He's a real sweetheart. They sniffed politely and then basically ignored each other calmly, which we figured was a good sign. It's been a few days and the new dog is settling into home li
  7. Hi everyone! My 8-year-old greyhound Chips was diagnosed with epilepsy about 3.5 years ago after three seizure episodes. Her seizures happened at night or in the early morning; she would stand up from sleeping and be completely unresponsive to us, panting and drooling heavily, one time she peed herself, and it would take a few minutes for her to reemerge after which she'd be disoriented and thirsty. Textbook! She has been on a consistent dose of phenobarbital and has not had any seizures since beginning that medication. Over the last three days, we have noticed an onset of extreme chatter
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