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  1. Yes, I definitely do tighten my grip/shorten her lead...she's bitten me a few times when she's been approached by another dog and got scared (another reason she's now muzzled) so it has made me quite nervous on walks and if I see another dog I do tend to freeze or instinctively try to move her away. I've looked into getting a behaviourist but it's so expensive, I don't have £70+ an hour I can spend But reassuring to know that there are things I can try. She tends to be okay with dogs on lead, it's mainly off-lead dogs, and unfortunately the owners in my area aren't always the best about calli
  2. Hi there, I adopted my greyhound three months ago (where does the time ago!) and she's had a bit of a rough time settling in. I was advertised by the rescue she was absolutely fine with other dogs and had lived with another greyhound previously - she's 7 and was in a home for 2 years before she was rehomed apparently due to family circumstances. But I have found she is very unsure around other dogs, less so sighthounds but still will bark at them if they get too close. I walk her on lead at all times with a muzzle, because on a few occasions at first she did lunge for other dogs so this s
  3. Thanks all. It's good to know time and patience should work. The kennels seemed very surprised when I emailed them about it which was obviously a bit worrying for me as a first-time dog owner. It's been as much a learning curve for me as it is for her! I didn't take her out Sunday or Monday...so she's been bounding around the house and garden full of beans. But she did go this morning after bribing with a cut-up hot dog, and in the evening she did get there in the end after a lot of stopping and starting and changing the route. Treats do work to an extent - but she gets wise to them prett
  4. Hi there. I got my ex-racer just under two weeks ago - she's 7 (today!) and lived in a home for two years previously but was returned because the family had a baby. The kennels say they never had any problem with her walking, and her previous home said she was perfect, it was just bad timing. For the first week, she was absolutely fine. Went on her walks with no trouble. Now, for the past few days, she's been refusing to go on her walks. She's excited when I get her lead out, but as soon as I open the front door, she doesn't want to leave. I can bribe her with chicken to get down the steps, an
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