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  1. Any updates on how your grey is doing? I don't know if this will help you since it sounds like your hound won't eat outside. We had a temporary problem with going outside, it turned out to be mostly environmental factors (noise). We can't control the noise so we started accepting really short walks, and walks that only happened late when the noise had stopped. We also used a lot of high value treats outside, even right outside the door. So as soon as he goes out the door, he gets a pretty high value treat (we're using weruva kibble topper) and there are some high value treats he only get
  2. We fit our hound into a Honda Fit backseat. He refuses to lie down in the car or he could have fit in the trunk. We put a hammock in the backseat for him instead.
  3. Just in case anyone looking at this thread wants an update...our dog's behavior problems have gotten a lot more manageable. There have been some tough moments with the new baby, but we've taken a few steps like setting up a baby gate to keep the dog and baby separate, and really working on training with the hound. His surgery helped his limp a lot and the corn hasn't come back yet, so although he still needs a therapaw boot he seems to be in less pain. We identified environmental factors that made him not want to go outside (mostly noise), and while we can't control the noise we've learned not
  4. Thank you for sharing! I'm sorry you have to deal with this, although I'm also a little glad I'm not the only one! Since it sounds like you're pursuing a lot of options, I'm wondering--have you done much body handling training? How is it working out?
  5. Thanks for your response. He's 7, almost 8. In the mornings he's pretty eager for a walk, it's the afternoon/night walk that he resists most. In fact, we used to take him out late at night for last call, but had to give that up recently because he got so resistant to going. (I still feel weird about this because it seems like a long time for him to not pee, but he hasn't had any accidents and is still hard to get out at night when we try.) The growling and snapping has been building gradually for ... a while. I'm not exactly sure how long. Maybe a year? He's gotten multiple x-rays over the pas
  6. Hi GreyTalk forum, I'm hoping to get some advice/support for some issues we're having with our hound. We adopted our grey a couple of years ago. It was the easiest adoption ever -- he never gave us any problems. ...at first. Our life with him has been the opposite trajectory from what I would have expected, in that as he's been with us longer he's shown more behavioral problems. We're working with a trainer who I think is quite good. But there have been some setbacks recently that are a little discouraging. Recently the issues have centered on getting him out to walk. He has an extr
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